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If you are looking for the best TV commercials out there, you will love this comprehensive listicle we’ve compiled! We couldn’t stop watching these ads, from creativity, to humour, to heartstring grippers, these TV ads definitely deserve to be on the list of 101 best TV commercials to date. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next TV advertising campaign, or simply interested to see which TV ads are most note-worthy, carry on reading, we’ve got them all.

What makes a TV commercial great?

A lot goes into the production of a television advertisement. Since the first commercial over 79 years ago, TV commercials have become a multi-billion dollar industry, and many brands have reaped the benefits of this creative industry. Commercials are works of art that have a life of their own. They channel emotions and the human voice to get their message across. So it’s easy to see why commercials are such an incredible means of persuasion.

We’ve compiled a list of 101 Best TV ads that we just couldn’t find ourselves skipping through, and we are sure that you won’t either! Before we dive into the list, let’s have a look at what makes an amazing television advertisement:

  1. Memorability – Will this stand the test of time and stand out from the rest?
  2. Share worthy – Is it interesting enough for people to share online or with their friends in conversation?
  3. Communicate brand values – Ensure what your business stands for is communicated.
  4. Strong call to action – What do you want the viewer to do?

Ok, now that we have that criteria out of the way, let’s get into our ridiculously entertaining long list.

The 10 Best Car/Automotive Commercials

Car adverts have a reputation of being some of the best around. Majority of the time they have the budget for all the trimmings, along with the production team and a product that is powerful and desirable. It is for this that there are many car commercials which stick in our minds for years to come. Here are our 20 best car adverts of all time.

1. Honda Cog

Showing the inner workings of the Honda Accord, and how every little component is important to the running of the vehicle, this ad shows us how it all comes together, bit by bit with a chain reaction of car parts. This ad is considered by many industry leaders to be legendary, even though it only had limited airings in the UK, Australia and Sweden.

2. Chrysler

Winning five awards at Cannes, including four Gold Lions amongst 24,000 entries from around the world. Featuring the legendary rap star Eminem, Chrysler takes us on a drive through “The Motor City”, Detroit in the Chrysler 200 highlighting the resilience of the city and how it has overcome

3. VW

The Force – showcasing the remote start of the VW Passat, this humorous ad shows a young boy dressed as Darth Vader trolling through the house trying to power up various objects with the force of his hands, from the gym equipment to his pet dog, all with no success. To his surprise when he goes outside to try his magic on the VW Passat as his dad arrives from work, the vehicle engine starts (with the help of dad).

4. Nissan

This 60 second ad shows a doll resembling Barbie, being impressed by a male doll in his red drop top Z roadster arriving at her house. She gets dressed and leaves her boyfriend in the house to go with the guy in the flashy car.

5. Saturn

In this ad, Saturn uses people to act like cars on the road, going about their shopping and daily routine while soft piano music plays in the background, and only in the final seconds do the cars start appearing in the ad.

6. BMW

A series of videos starring movie star Clive Owen in various scenes as a Hired Driver showcasing the various amazing features of the BMW and its sheer driving power.

7. VW Lamppost

In this ad, we see two men putting up a poster with a rubber mat, after completing the job, a pedestrian walks past it and gets distracted by the affordable price of the VW Polo on the poster and unintentionally walks into a pole.


A group of four young people decide to skip a party and go for a drive in the top down Cabriolet and watch the moon instead- enjoying the ride in the VW, rather than the party itself.


This Jeep ad doesn’t show the vehicle, just the brake light and blinkers as it burrows through the snow filled landscape, coming to a halt at the stop sign and indicating to turn. This ad was the first ever car ad to win the top prize at Cannes.

10. Hyundai

This hilarious ad showcases the smart parking system of the Hyundai Sonata; after a number of people fail to squeeze into a parking spot, the owner of the Sonata jumps out as the car parks itself.

Our Top 12 Super Bowl TV Commercials

The evolution of the Super Bowl commercial has been one of the most striking things to watch in pop culture since the mid-1980s in the world of TV advertising. Let’s take a look at our top 12:

1. Genesis – John Legend

After winning the sexiest man alive title, John and Chrissy star in this humorous Genesis commercial in which Chrissy addresses a room full of elegantly dressed people, about old luxury being dead and introduces New Luxury in what was meant to be The Genesis pulling up to the front door.

2. Doritos – The Cool Ranch

Two cowboys Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott get into a dance off, at “The Cool Ranch” in this funny Doritos ad playing the popular hit track featuring Billy Ray Cyrus in the end telling us he ain’t dancing.

3. The 100 year game

A room full of NFL stars at a gala dinner celebrating 100 years of the NFL, when one of the players tries to sneak a taste of the cake and results in the football cake topper falling off; and mayhem erupts as the players all get into football mode!

4. Like a Bosch

Bosch shows us how you can live like a Bosch, because why would you want to live a normal life? In the ad they show us how the Internet of Things can make your life better, using the various Bosch products in a futuristic manner.

5. Audi – science fair

Using the young cast of spiderman, and taking advantage of their partnership with the superhero franchise, we see Audi showcases their amazing electric motor at Peter Parker’s school science fair to impress the teachers after Peter and his friend realize that their electric motor that they built themselves may not match up to their peers’ projects.

6. Planters

Planters had people talking during the 2020 Superbowl when it aired a commercial showing that Mr. Peanut had come back from the dead after he presumably died in an earlier ad. He had saved the lives of actors Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh. Viewers had a lot to say about the cute new Mr Peanut and the ad thrived on Twitter.

7. Gillette – the best men can be

Gillette challenges men to stand up and encourage a change in social behavior, to stand up against bullying, harrasment and discrimination and lead by example for the men of tomorrow, to be the best a man can be.

8. Nike – dream crazier

Another motivating ad from Nike reminding us to dream crazy! Calling a dream crazy is not an insult, it’s a compliment, don’t compare yourself to others or try to fit into societal norms, you don’t have to be like anybody to become somebody. In this ad we see all those people who beat the odds by dreaming crazy.

9. Doritos #NowItsHot

Tell us this ad didn’t get you dancing or bopping your head! Doritos partnered up with Chance The Rapper and BackStreet Boys to create this remix of the legendary song by the boy band, as they dance in excitement for the Original Doritos that are now hot. With a clever word play on #NowItsHot.

10. Microsoft

Microsoft features San Francisco 49ers assistant coach Katie Sowers, who is the first openly LGBTQ+ woman to coach at the Super Bowl, teaking us through her story and her lifelong love for football and overcoming the odds to become the first female coach at the superbowl.

11. Google Loretta

Google Assistant helps a man reminisce about his love, Loretta and records everything that he would like to be remembered by saying the command word “remember” followed by what he would like to store in the google assistant memory.

12. Winona in Winona

Named after the town she was born in, Winona returns to capture some content of the town and the people in it for her photo essay on SquareSpace.

The 5 Greatest Fast Food Commercials

We see Fast Food TV commercials almost every time we watch TV. Usually strategically placed before dinner time. Some commercials stick around longer than others, as they’re clever, funny or simply highly effective in making us succumb to ordering in! Let’s take a look at our top 5 below.

1. McDonalds

The tongue twisting jingle from the legendary McDonalds Big Mac commercial couldn’t not be featured on our list! “Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, and a sesame seed bun.” Can you sing the jingle without biting your tongue? We dare you.

2. Dunkin Donuts

It is all about dedication. In this ad we see Fred the Baker getting up every morning as it was “time to make the donuts” for all who depend on him for their donut fix. He did this religiously from 1982 to 1997.

3. Wendy’s

The Wendy’s flatbread grilled chicken is so amazing that people can stop posting about it, taking pictures of it, and recording themselves about to eat it. Does anyone actually ever get to eat it?

4. Taco Bell

Nothing can get in the way of getting your paws on a great taco. In the ad we see a Chihuahua on a mission walking through the busy street and coming across various distractions including a female chihuahua who could possibly be a love interest. He finally get to the man who is about to have a bite of his Taco and says to him “Yo queiro Taco Bell” (I want some Taco Bell).

5. Dominos – Avoid the Noid

To punt their fast delivery service of 30 minutes or under, Dominos shows us how they avoid “the Noid” to ensure that your pizza is delivered hot and fresh and you don’t get Annoyed!

Our Top 5 Favourite Snack TV Commercials

Much like TV ads, snack TV ads are some of the best out there. If you’re a 90\s baby, perhaps you’ll remember the iconic Mini Chedders commercial, where they’re floating through the air to the sound of an adapted version of a popular Beach Boys song. Let’s go through a few more:

1. Oreo stay playful

A fun short ad showing a father and son at home; the son is playing checkers on his tablet and the father walks into the kitchen to grab an oreo and they decide to play checkers using the oreos as the playing chips.

2. Lays test

Musical narrative of a gentleman who goes out to the supermarket for a lays test and he is met with huge isles stacking different kinds of lays, and he starts tasting one ; next thing he finds himself having eaten almost all the flavors. Sadly he discovers that he doesn’t have his wallet but he seems very content with himself . When the store manager approaches him; with a stunned look on his face , the gentleman offers the manager a taste.. after which ; all is dandy and they are smiling together like friends

3. Skittles pox

Girl and boy standing behind the school bleachers in an illegal fashion. Girl asks the boy what’s wrong because the boy seems sad and is acting funny. (Boy is covered in ‘skittle pox’ all over his body) Boy then tells the girl he has been diagnosed with skittles pox , girl picks one skittles from boys face and puts it in her mouth and the next scene she is covered in ‘skittles pox’ too. Boy then acts as though he doesn’t know what just happened after girl asks boy if they are contagious

4. Cadbury aliens

An ad about a spaceship that is left on an extraterrestrial planet, and an alien being finds a slab of chocolate, takes a bite and a huge party starts as the others watch in disbelief. He abruptly stops dancing then shares chocolate squares with the rest, then it’s one huge alien party… suddenly they run out of chocolate and it’s dismal all over, only to find a spaceship hatch that was left with lots of chocolate still in it

5. Pringles

Based on the cartoon series Rick and Morty, Rick is watching a Pringle’s advert with his granddaughter and after the ad warns her not to get trapped into it, Morty later comes in with a packet of Pringles . Rick is however quick to discover that it’s not the real morty but “THEM” using morty to get Rick stuck into the Pringle’s dimension

Top 10 Tech TV Commercials

A brilliant tech product needs a brilliant TV ad. Check out the best TV commercials from Apple, Verizon, Samsung, and more.

1. Apple 1984

When speaking about some of the top TV commercials of all time, especially when it comes to the technology category, you can’t not note this Super Bowl ad from 1984. The world’s introduction to the Macintosh PC. In the ad, the graphics and use of colour disrupts the familiar status quo of personal computing and promises the world that with the Mac “1984 won’t be like ‘1984′.”

2. Verizon

In this iconic TV Commercial for Verizon, the Test Man travelled to test the strength of Verizon’s network constantly repeating the line “can you hear me now?”

3. Squarespace Make it Real with Oscar the Grouch

Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch loves to be alone and miserable.In this Squarespace ad, he becomes a loved “celebrity”artist thanks to a website created with Squarespace.

4. Microsoft Super Bowl 2020

This very recent advertisement, hits a balance of product, brand, and a wholesome message of female empowerment.

5. Amazon for Alexa

Amazon teamed up with daytime talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres to wonder what life was like before Alexa. Relatable, funny and familiar, this tech ad hit all the right notes.

6. Tesla and SpaceX’s Starman

Tesla took the idea of promoting their vehicles for road travelling to literally new heights. In 2018, the TV commercial depicted Elon Musk’s personal Tesla roadster riding up into space to the tune of the late David Bowie’s “Space”.

7. Sony

For this 2005 TV commercial for Sony Bravia TV’s, the visuals show a release of a quarter of a million bouncy balls down the tallest hill in San Francisco and see what happened.

8. Playstation

PlayStation made this great TV advert where icons from gaming come into the real world. You see a huge dragon crashing into a parking lot, Crash Bandicoot racing around and Fortnite busses dropping. Iconic.

9. Hello – iPhone Ad 2007

During the 2007 Oscars, Apple released the now well-known Hello TV ad for its upcoming launch of the iPhone. The ad was seemingly just a teaser, with a bunch of clips from movies of actors saying Hello into phones.

10. Beats by Dre – Powerbeats Pro – On the Go

In this TV ad, Beats by Dre gives us a feel of the life-on-the-go lifestyle that the Powerbeats Pro gives. The flagship earphones from the brand let you move easily between the gym and your everyday life. The video shows a day in the lives of different people living active lifestyles. The music in the advert is a track titled “Graveyard” by pop sensation, Halsey.

Hottest Hygiene Sector TV advertisements

This might not seem like an immediate category to note, however, hygiene TV ads are quite frequently seen on the television. Let’s go through a few popular ones:

1. Safeguard – The Wash

An ad showing a pair of hands chopping and slicing away at various ingredients, from steak, to onions to lobster, and chicken all to create one huge meal, and one pair of very dirty hands.All to be cleaned in a relaxing wash with Safeguard.

2. Huggies Little Movers

A mom holds her daughter during their morning travels. Although there’s a delay, her baby is happy to keep bouncing with no leaks thanks to Huggies Little Movers.

3. Method – There’s good inside

Various home owners make a song and dance about their reasons for using Method and how it has helped them. Followed by the Method factory workers singing about the sustainability of the product.

4. Dove – My beauty my say

In this inspiring ad, Dove shows us that what they said doesn’t matter, it’s about what you say and what you allow to define you, being true to yourself and your beauty.

5. Old spice – The man your man could smell like

The oh so famous man that your man could smell like, Old Spice cleverly targeting the female audience with a good looking man who in way shows them what they are missing out on and how these desires could be achieved if their man used Old Spice.

6. Life Buoy – Less illness higher attendance

Lifebuoy India shows a classroom with very few learners present, as the teacher takes the role call a parent who happens to be a doctor walks in with her child and asks why so many kids are absent. She continues to do a health check which shows germs on the kids hands, and she tells them LifeBuoy soap can protect them from all germs.

7. Pantene – The Violinist

Pantene pulls at the heart strings in this ad, as we see two sisters competing against each other to be the best; one of the sisters is deaf and the other keeps telling her that she will never be good enough. The deaf sister cries to the violinist on the street asking why she is different from others, and the violinist encourages her to be brave. Finally she steals the show at her school with a stellar performance and we see her hair blowing fiercely with her performance.

8. Nivea Care

Tessa Virtue, Canadian Ice Dancer and Olympic Gold Medallist, NIVEA’s first-ever Canadian Brand Ambassador defines what feel-good skin is all about: confidence, the right attitude, and a little help from NIVEA.

9. Veet

While a female is shaving she knicks herself, her friend gets up and breaks into song asking why she is using a razor, because she is not a boy. The girl responds in song as well, singing that she’s got hair everywhere she is like a bear. Friend sings about veet to her, “don’t shave it, just veet it”.

Top 10 Sportswear Commercials

Whether we’re talking sportsmen sponsorships or sportswear products, we can all agree this genre of TV ads are some of the best there are. With ample budget and high profile sports stars, here are some of our favourite sportswear TV commercials.

1. Oppo – real support makes real heros

This TV ad showcases the quality of the then newly released, 25mp AI Selfie Camera in the ‘Oppo F7’, the brand took their partnership with the Indian International Cricket team and how their early adopted enthusiasm for the sport resulted in broken neighbors windows and often times car windshields. This is translated well through the directors transitions between two versions of the athlete (adolescent and adult) where we see them be confronted by the owners of the broken possessions but still given the benefit of the doubt as they too love the game as much as the athletes do. Thats where real the title, “Real Support Makes Real Hero” stems from

2. Nike dream further

As they always do, they keep the motivation top in their ads, and this ad followed suit; encouraging you to dream further, they show a young girl nervous as she is about to walk her female soccer star onto the pitch. Little did she know that that was not the only thing she will be doing.

3. Puma – Be the spark

The Puma Spark soccer cleat (Puma Future 5.1 and Puma One 20.1 featured) is a shoe where its performance is emphasized around its lightweight design enabling athletes to improve acceleration and agility on the field. It starts off with Pep Guardiola (past Manchester City Manager) saying, “It all starts with a spark, that’s how players become champions.”. Following multiple action scenes of famous football stars like Sergio Kun Aguero, Antoine Griezmann and Marco Reus performing highly skilled dribbles and shots at goal with the boots in motion showcasing it’s performance and proof of worthiness on the pitch.

4. Dream with us

Aligned with empowering women, this advert by Nike questions current stereotypes on how women are unaccounted for in the sports industry and how there aren’t that many greats as there are men. Through its journey we observe the respective women enjoying their sports just the way the men would, whilst showing comparable skill, behaviour and traits carried out by their biological counterparts. In an inspiring motion to motivate young women, Nike proposes a list of unbroken achievements yet to be succeeded by women.

5. Nike – Rally

A short advert takes us through an action reel of Rafael Nadal (arguably the greatest tennis player of all time) returning a number of balls serving up a rally. As the reel goes on we see Nadal returning those balls when he was young and professional until past his prime onto his legacy years. The advert ends off with the caption: “crazy dreams take crazy effort” and swiftly comes to an end. This commercial highlites an important and unspoken attribute displayed throughout the scenes, and that was discipline. His consistency through the years is what made him the never ending topic of today’s discussion of tennis greats, and if you assimilate his work ethic fully, you may just be that great in your own field.

6. Nike – beginnings

Nike takes on a 1 minute adventure on the rise of Lebron James in his career as an NBA Champion and All Star. We see him in his high school jersey when he was at St Vincent-St Mary’s High School, then quickly onto him getting into the NBA Draft (wearing a white suit, shaking the hand of then NBA Commissioner David Stern). We are watching this through tv screens of the people that LeBron James identified as growing up: poor, underprivileged and stuck in the system. It shows that with enough drive, focus and determination, you can also get out of that situation. LeBron James never went to college but at the end we see the school he started up in 2018 called the “I Promise Elementary School”, a school for at-risk children, having achieved top class academic results. LeBrons humble beginnings led to him allowing other kids to not have humble beginnings so they don’t go through what he did to make ends meet.

7. Puma Rider is the #ordinaryflex

Following the release of the RIDER collection from Puma, the brand decided to follow a group of people in their youth highlighting their day to day activity and how their choice of clothing affects and reflects their personality. Almost making them feel unique in an industry so common. The various personalities show the range of clothing Puma has to offer in this specific collection as we witness a multitude of combinations reflecting the vast personality styles.

8. Reebok – sport the unexpected

Since partnering with Reebok for her new collection, Cardi B is seen in a salon getting her hair and nails until the whole room stops and stares at her shoe as they see that it is untied. Everyone looks concerned but not Cardi B as we see her nails extend from her thighs down her legs to her shoe, and with a life of its own, starts tying them up again. She ends the procedure with words, “Nailed it!”, highlighting the pun of the situation.

9. Nike – Kobe and Lebron puppets

Nike presents to you the MVPs (Most Valuable Puppets). The roommate puppet versions of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant get competitive in this campaign for the NBA Playoffs.

The Best Animated TV Commercials

Animated commercials can raise your brand advertising with the same quality and results as live-action commercials, if not moreso. We live in a world with infinite creativity and technology. Animated commercials have the potential to pique curiosity in your target audience. Keen to see a few of our favourites? Keep on reading.

1. John Lewis “The Bear and the Hare”

This ad makes use of stop motion and traditional hand drawn animation and depicts a story of a bear and hare sharing Christmas and becoming an unlikely pair of friends; but isn’t that the spirit of Christmas, all about the miracles.

2. Honda “Paper”

Honda takes us through their journey of innovation by showing us the evolution of the bikes, speed boats and cars, through a stop motion paper flipping animated story. “The idea behind the ad was to demonstrate “Honda thinking” and “all the people that touch our wide range of products along the way.”

3. Chipotle “Back to the start”

In this ad we follow a farmer’s journey from industrialized farming to adopting more sustainable practices.After airing during the Grammy Awards, the ad pretty much went viral, upstaging the performance by Coldplay singing the song used in the ad.

4. Metro trains “dumb ways to die”

An awareness campaign intended to change the behaviours of people.

In this ad, different objects are shown as displaying the various dumb ways people can die. These are usually things that people know better than to do and if they did would result in death. They are considered dumb ways to die. The various animated objects are shown acting out the different dumb ways to die whilst singing a catchy song “dumb ways to die”. A reminder that there are dumber ways to die and you shouldn’t add being hit by a train to the list be careful.

5. Heinz “the one for two”

In this ad we are introduced to young Jeff who had a curious and unshakable love for beans. We see Jeff’s growth to adulthood through a wall of photographs, leading up to the day he went for his first ever interview at Heinz.After a big promotion his industry growth begins and by inventing something for everyone, Jeff found that he had it all.

6. Oreo – wonderfilled anthem

Oreo basically melts the heart… even that of the scariest monsters . A wonderfilled jingle that depicts various scenarios; a big bad wolf and three little sheep, Dracula and a beautiful princess, a shark and three distraught otters. Each faced with a menacing villain, they seem helpless, up to the point where the alleged monster has an Oreo , and they start sharing moments of bliss.

7. Project Sunroof (Google)

Google introduces Project Sunroof, a solar powered way of living working together with Google Maps, to show home owners just how much they could save by switching to solar power. Based on the google searches, the team realised that people had a lot of questions about this and so they looked into how to answer these questions.

8. Clover Way Better

Clover transports us on a magical animated journey narrated by a young boy’s grandfather taking us through the process that happens in the Clover factory to bring us the best treats ever.

9. Nose Frida the snot sucker

Frida Baby comes to the rescue for those dreadful moments in any parents life when their child has a blocked nose. A nifty gadget invented by a pediatrician that helps mommy or daddy suck out all those boogers with no discomfort to the baby or parent.

Top Fashion Brands TV Commercials

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite fashion TV commercials. From interesting brand awareness campaigns, apparel showcases or celebrity endorsements, these fashion brand TV commercials certainly caught our eye.

1. Kobe Bryant Foot Locker 2014

The Late Kobe Bryant starred in a this athlete-inspired Foot Locker TV commercial, showcasing his talents and suggesting that there really isn’t anything he can’t do. The ad introduces the new ‘Kobe 9 Collection,’ his footwear and apparel Foot Locker line.

2. Diesel – The most expensive T Shirt

This somewhat strange campaign for Diesel, features The most expensive T-Shirt which came bundled with a FREE condo in a new Miami apartment building. The TV ad campaign message is “Talk about an investment piece. This exclusive Wynwood t-shirt comes with its own complimentary condo in a new Miami apartment building. Whether you like urbane creative living or are just a big fan of a simple white tee, this is one not to miss.” Clever and certainly out of the box.

3. Marks & Spencer: Christmas Advert – Go Jumpers

Marks and Spencers Christmas Advert. Named “Go Jumpers,” features background music which is familiar and contagious, “Jump Around” by House of Pain

4. Nike: Rallying Cry

The tagline is “The louder we play, the more we change the game.” This Nike TV commercial showcases the power of female determination, and shows how today’s women break down barriers through sport. The film features athletes from all around the world.

5. H&M: Come Together

The tagline for this H&M commercial is is “Come Together.” H& M promoted their Christmas 2016 collection through a commercial directed by Wes Anderson.

The winter train ride, under Wes Anderson’s direction, is the perfect setting for H& M’s holiday collection full of relaxed, wearable elegance. It’s about mixing the informal with a sense of occasion, capturing the holiday mood for both dressing up and getting cozy with loved ones,” says Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H& M’s Head of Design and Creative Director.

6. Calvin Klein: Justin Bieber – Underwear Spring

This new Calvin Klein ad is one of the most controversial commercial of the year. It features global superstar Justin Bieber, where the ad got a lot of attention from media as some people claim too much photoshop was used.

7. Mulberry

2014 saw Mulberry launch their London TV Ad #WinChristmas TV commercial. So, what is the best Christmas gift for you?

8. Diesel be a follower

We live in the times of influencers and followers. Diesel shows us in this ad, the life of an influencer is not an easy one, they don’t get to eat because they are busy snapping a whole lot of photos of their food. So, rather be a follower, because followers have it easy and they get to eat!

9. Havaianas: Let’s Summer News

Havaianas spread the spirit of Brazilian summer in their global campaign Let’s Summer/ Partiu Verao, The campaign shows that you can experience all these sensations from wherever you are, just by putting on a pair of the original Brazilian flip-flops.

10. Calvin Klein #MyCalvins

Musicians Billie Eillish, Shawn Mendes and Netflix actor Noah Centineo star in this ‘I Speak My Truth in #MyCalvins’ campaign directed by Jonas Linstroem.

Top 5 Christmas Commercials of all time

After sifting through hundreds of Christmas ads throughout the years, we’ve got our list of our all-time favorites.

1. Argos the book of dreams

Argos renames the catalogue ‘The Book of Dreams’ as a dad’s childhood dreams are awoken when he sees the drumkit his daughter has circled, and he finds himself playing the drums and is soon joined by his daughter for a duo in a what sounds like a concert in their living room.

2. John Lewis Man on the moon

A touching commercial about a young girl looking at the moon through her telescope and to her amazement she spots an old man on the moon. She waves at him but gets no response as the man cannot see her. So for Christmas she sends him a telescope as a gift, and the old man is able to see Christmas on earth, as well as the young girl and they wave at each other.

3. Sainsbury Christmas 2014

Inspired by real events from 100 years ago, Sainsbury’s Christmas advert, 1914 shows us that even war can’t stop the spirit of Christmas in this heartwarming commercial.

4. Apple: the song

A touching ad about a girl who, with the help of the Apple Mac is able to record her grandmother’s special song that she sang for her husband who was in the war. At the end of the ad we see the grandmother receiving an iPad with earphones and the song starts to play as she looks through some old photos.

5. M&S Christmas

They say behind every great man is a great woman;meet Mrs Claus – the new Christmas icon is here. Marks and Spencer launches the Christmas 2016 TV Advert campaign with a modern twist on the much-loved character Mrs Claus.She knows how hectic her husband’s schedule is, so she secretly helps him with his Christmas deliveries and makes a special delivery just in time to be home before Santa.

Our Pick of the Funniest TV Commercials

Of course humour is subjective. But you can’t deny some TV ads have been hilarious over the years. Here we’ve listed some of the funniest TV commercials to have graced our screens:

1. Haynes Baked Beans

Four astronauts get to space and are met by a monster who starts killing them off, they then are forced to hunt for cover. Three are killed off; the fourth manages to hide behind a rock and the monster starts walking away, until the sole survivor farts and gives away his hiding spot.

2. Samsung Next Best Thing

This Tv ad opens with Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd arguing over which oone of them (the next big thing) deserves to be the face of Samsung’s new marketing campaign (while happening to show off their new smart phones).

3. Le Trefle paper

Man keeps on giving his wife grief about using paper made goods from books, printing paper and the like as he is busy using his iPad/tablet for a similar purpose. Then while on the toilet reading his tablet, he realises the toilet paper is finished and calls to his wife who slides her iPad under the door with the picture of toilet paper.

4. Doritos goat 4 sale

Doritos’ comes through with some humour as a man carrying a bag of Doritos buys a goat from another man also eating a bag of Doritos . At first it’s all bliss as they share various packets of Doritos; until the goat starts eating everything without the man, and he has to hide to enjoy a packet. He is caught by the goat in the closet writing up a “goat for sale” sign.

5. Progressive Insurance Off the Mara-ket

Mara and Flo are out and about with their branded aprons, and Mara doesn’t appreciate being spoken to by a male patron. Mara’s not having any of it as she shuts each one down by advertising certain traits: “I have a back rash”, “I laugh like this”, and crucially, “I love insurance”.

6. Oreo – Cream vs Cookie

The great debate; which is the best part of an Oreo? Oreo ran a campaign for people to choose their side. In this ad we see a group of people fighting over whether the cream or the cookie is the better one.

7. Doritos Ultrasound baby

A couple goes in for an ultrasound check up, and the husband stands by his wife’s side with a pack of Doritos. As he stands there crunching on his favourite snack baby seems to also move to the movements of daddy’s Doritos which he is holding . The mommy gets annoyed, grabs the chip and throws it across the room. Everyone looks at each other as the baby shoots out of mommy’s tummy in pursuit of Doritos, and it all ends in a big scream from everyone in the room.

8. Gain Washing liquid Soap

A man is in the laundry room enjoying the smooth texture and feel of the clean towel in his hand. His wife shouts out from the other room asking if he realises that the towel he is using is the dog’s towel. He looks at the towel and then at the dog and back the towel and continues to inhale its fresh clean smell.

9. John West Bear

UK seafood company John West’s ad begins with a serene, nature documentary-style shot of bears fishing, when suddenly a John West fisherman charges at the bear and fights it for the salmon it just caused. He distracts the bear by saying “Oh look, an eagle” and manages to grab the salmon and makes a run for it.

10. Snickers – Betty White

This Snickers superbowl commercial featuring Betty White won the night when it aired at the 2010 superbowl — going viral and topping every best commercials list that year! The ad also overtook a massively successful campaign that increased sales for the company by $376 million in two years.

11. Glad wrap – dad gets left alone with baby

Who says dads can’t handle a baby? When a dad is left alone to watch the baby, he finds help from the good old Glad wrap, making babysitting easier than expected. He even managed to get the house “organised” while the baby was sleeping.

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