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If you’re looking for practical, insightful and educational advertising blogs, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 51 of the best advertising blogs to follow online. As you know, there’s no shortage of high-quality advertising blogs on the web, especially in the ever-evolving advertising landscape – but we decided to cut through the clutter and give you the absolute cream of the crop.

Whether you’re an aspiring advertiser looking to keep informed about the industry’s best practices, or you’re an agency CEO looking to keep up with the trends and sass out competitors, these advertising blogs will make sure you don’t fall behind on possibly being the next advertising viral sensation.


To start, we’ve collected a range of general advertising blogs that cover everything from media buying, to content creation, features from agencies and top agency heads, advertising campaign breakdowns, and global marketing industry news.

A must-read collection of resources for advertising industry experts and junior marketers alike.

Check out the listings below!

1. AdWeek

Adweek is the top source of news for marketing, media, and advertising professionals. Adweek is a must-read for CMOs, creatives, media buyers, content creators, agency heads and anyone looking to stay informed about the digital media landscape.

The Brand Marketing section delves into national and international brands to showcase what’s working and what isn’t. The “Marketing Agencies” section provides a bird’s-eye view of what your competition is up to, and where companies are spending large ad budgets and gives you insight into different industries.

To keep up to date with ads from around the world from a top source, visit Adweek and follow their blog for more.

adweek blog - general advertising industry blog

2. Ads of the world

Ads of the world is your go-to for high-resolution ads. It’s an advertising art gallery more than it is a blog, showcasing ads from all over the world. You can scroll through thousands of ads from almost every nation and topic.

The website has four sections, Latest Ads, Top Ads, Collections, and Student Ads. Every section has separate groups. In the Collections section, for example, you’ll find groups titled, “Best April Fool’s Day Ads,” “Stylish and Social Seniors,” “Girl Power in Advertising,” “Great Minimalist Ads,” and many more categories.

Ads of the world is a great resource for locating high-quality ads to use in pitches, and as examples to conceptualise your own advertising campaigns in the future. Find high-quality ads across a variety of industries, by visiting Ads of the World’s website today!

ads of the world advertising examples archive - general advertising industry blog

3. Ad Age

Ad Age is recognized as the leading global source of news, analysis and inspiration for the marketing and media community. Ad Age covers strategic topics for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to well established companies complemented by breaking news and a database of the world’s best creatives.

With over 50 posts per week covering hits and misses from past weeks and bold opinion pieces that make it impossible not to find digital advertising gold.

To learn more visit Ad Age’s website today!

ad age blog website - source of global marketing news - general advertising industry blogs

4. Adland

Adland is a website focusing on the advertising industry and an Internet archive of commercials. Adland incorporates advertising news, critical commentary on ads and the advertising industry, and archives of ads and ad campaigns, concentrating on television advertisements.

It’s the perfect place to find inspiration for your next commercial or a video you’re planning to launch on television as a big budget campaign, or as an influential social media campaign. Find inspiration for ads of all kinds across different market spaces by visiting AdLand’s website today!

adland homepage global advert example archive - general advertising industry blog

5. Ad Tech Daily

Ad Tech daily publishes ad tech news, insights, interviews, reports and other updates from the digital advertising industry. It is a news publication dedicated to all things ad tech, with a particular focus on advertising operations (ad ops).

It features news, interviews, events, commentaries aimed at serving an audience of primarily ad tech professionals. Occasionally, you will see news covering the larger sphere of online advertising and online marketing. To gain a deeper insight into successful small and large businesses’ advertising operations, and keep up to date with new movements in the advertising tech industry – visit Ad TechDaily’s website today!

ad tech daily website - general advertising industry blog

6. More About Advertising

More About Advertising is a website that offers the latest news in advertising, marketing and media. They set out to be the alternative voice of advertising, marketing and media by not only reporting industry news but showing why things are happening in the industry and what the consequences are for every stakeholder operating within the advertising and media space.

With daily updates that cover marketing issues from all around the world, it’s easy to stay up to date and in the know about everything to do with advertising. Visit the More About Advertising website to find out more about the company and keep up to date with all things related to advertising, marketing and media.

more about advertising marketing and media news content - general advertising industry blog

7. The Guardian Advertising

The Guardian brings you the latest news from the advertising world, with content from top agencies and marketers in the ad industry, covering thought provoking funny and persuasive content that caters to the interests of their readers. With weekly content updates you are guaranteed to stay in the know about all things advertising and marketing related from organisations all around the world.

To find out more about The Guardian Advertising visit their website today.

the guardian advertising blog - digital marketing blogs and sales funnel resources

8. SmartBrief

SmartBrief brings you the most important business and advertising news. With a team of dedicated editors that curate top stories from more than 10000 credible sources & summarize them for you, learn about how to make the most of your B2B marketing strategies, reach different audiences within the marketing and advertising industry and stay updated on the latest industry trends.

Visit the SmartBrief website to find out more about their services and how they can help you get your business where it needs to be.

smartbrief - business and advertising news - general advertising industry blog

9. Financial Times

Financial Times is the world’s leading global business publication. Get the latest news, analysis and comments from the Financial Times on Advertising.

They cover everything there is to know about traditional and digital advertising news, making sure that you stay on the pulse and ahead of the game with your business plans.

You can also use this platform as a source to stay updated on what the global giants are getting up to, their latest campaigns and industry scoops.

Visit the Financial Times to find out more today.

financial times blog covering global business and marketing industry updates

10. The Inspiration Room

The Inspiration Room is a collaborative effort, providing you with the latest and classic creative inspirations from television, print, ambient and interactive advertising, music videos, photography and design.

A global effort designed to influence, affect and involve creative communities in the development of a world standard for inspiration, particularly in the fields of advertising, design and film.

Though The Inspiration Room recently closed their site, you can still have a look at some of their cool content.

the inspiration room - creative inspiration for ad and media industry

11. Dash Two Media

Dash Two Media is an advertising blog that covers Outdoor Advertising and Digital Advertising from -Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and more.

You can find blog topics that include but are not limited to Digital Marketing trends, choosing the right ad agency to advertise with, the uptake in video advertising, how much you can expect to pay for outdoor advertising and so much more.

With regular uploads of content, you are sure to stay informed about everything and anything around outdoor advertising and digital marketing.

Visit Dash Two Media to find out more about them.

dash two media blog page - digital marketing resource for different marketing mediums

12. Silverpush

A company that puts innovation at the core of its business, continually developing solutions using technologies like deep learning and computer vision to help customers discover their most relevant audience, at the moment it matters the most.

They have been helping customers bridge the gap from television to social media throughout their years of existence.

Their blog offers insights into topics such as brand safety when it comes to video content and advertising, how brands are responding to the global pandemic of COVID19, as well as showcasing some of their award winning work with top brands in MENA (Middle East and North Africa regions) .

Visit the Silverpush website to find out more about their work.

silverpush - advertising news and content - general marketing industry blogs

13. Arts in Ads

Arts in Ads is a blog that explores advertising and examines the arts in it. You will find posts on digital adverts, print adverts, TV adverts, outdoor adverts & adverts analysis.

Arts in ads takes a look at the the latest campaigns and past campaigns and gives an in depth analysis of the advert itself, the techniques used in the ads, the placements, the use of colours and so forth, and how those elements come together to make a great ad or not.

Explore advertisements and ad analysis on content from around the world on their website today.

arts in ads homepage - general advertising industry and creative industry blog


To start, we’ve collected a range of general advertising blogs that cover everything from media buying, to content creation, features from agencies and top agency heads, advertising campaign breakdowns, and global marketing industry news.

A must-read collection of resources for advertising industry experts and junior marketers alike.

Check out the listings below!

14. Hootsuite blog

Hootsuite offers Internet and social media marketers resources to educate themselves about anything and everything related to social media marketing related on their blog. They’ve archived every post since its inception, almost 400 pages and counting.

Hootsuite is a paid platform for managing social media marketing. However, the blog is free. It may look like it’s geared toward small entrepreneurial businesses, but if you use social media at any level in your business, these articles will help you improve your market campaigns and meet your marketing objectives more effectively.

To start propelling your social media marketing strategy to success visit Hootsuite’s blog to find out more about marketing on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and more!

hootsuite blog page content - improve social media and digital marketing strategies

15. Hubspot Blog

Hubspot is first and foremost a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. However, their blog is an incredible source of information about marketing, sales, and customer relationships. In fact, they segment their blog into those three topics.

You’ll also find current data and trends you can use in other advertising verticals. Hubspot provides a free resource library covering topics in general and specialised advertising fields such as web design, graphic design, copywriting, social media marketing and more. Each blog post includes an estimated reading time so that you can decide whether you have time to read a post now, or bookmark it for later.

Find out more about Hubspot’s Blog by visiting their website.

hubspot blog - covering the digital marketing industry

16. Store Ya

StoreYa is a website that offers marketing tools that allow you to engage with potential customers through multiple channels. They post content to help you increase your sales conversion rate and the major focus is on the e-commerce sector and how to start and maintain successful e-commerce shop setups on multiple platforms, whether it’s your own website or via your social channels.

To build the right e-commerce foundations online for your business, find resources to help you on Store Ya’s website today!

store ya blog website - digital marketing resource and sales funnel content

17. AdExchanger

AdExchanger is an integrated media and events company devoted to the digital advertising and marketing space. AdExchanger provides news, analysis and events dedicated to the data-driven digital advertising and marketing space, enabling the exchange of ideas between all members of their online “ecosystem”.

The editors write insightful posts every day, which makes AdExchanger a hotspot for keeping up to date with the latest information in the world of digital marketing. Visit the AdExchanger website to learn more about this award winning media and events company.

ad exchanger resources page - digital marketing blogs and sales funnel resources

18. Unbounce

Unbounce is probably the best place to learn about collecting leads, boosting conversions and increasing engagement when it comes to your website.

With topics ranging from how to create a landing page and why you need one, tips on seeing the value of A/B testing for your ad campaigns or learning more about the pros and cons of using dynamic text, Unbounce brings you up to speed with actionable insight and industry-specific tricks of the trade.

Get inside tricks for ads centered about increasing leads and successful conversions by visiting Unbounce’s website and reading their blog today!

unbounce digital marketing content and sales funnel resource

19. Moz

Moz has a blog that is all about educating you on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and finding better ways to do marketing. Their focus is to simplify SEO for everyone through their software, educational content and their online community. While a great deal of Moz’s content focuses on SEO, there is so much more to find. Rand Fishkin, co-founder, and charismatic guru, teaches internet entrepreneurs the subtler key points of internet marketing.

His Whiteboard Friday’s video blog posts are a staple of many ad agencies and internet marketers. From PPC to SEO Analytics to link building, everything you need to know about how to get your brand seen in the digital space, you can find on Moz. Visit the Moz website to get started on your SEO journey and more.

moz search engine optimization resource - digital marketing blog

20. AdEspresso

From ebooks to guides and webinars, the AdEspresso blog is sure to keep you up to date with Facebook Ads news and tactics for successful campaigns that convert!

Having started as a small, high quality web development firm in Italy, managing some Facebook Ads Campaigns for themselves and their customers, they were frustrated by how hard it was to create, analyze, and optimize the campaigns. Thus resulting in the creation of the now well known AdEspresso platform.

Get all the tips of how to drive traffic to your website from social media platforms, making the most of search advertising and other digital advertising tactics to ensure conversion for your business while staying up to date with industry trends and innovations.

Visit the AdEspresso website for more information.

adespresso blog page - digital marketing blogs and sales funnel resources

21. AdvertiseMint

AdvertiseMint is the leading social advertising agency specializing in Facebook & Instagram ads. They help clients generate leads, increase sales, app installs, and generate new customers.

Get ideas around social media best practices, the types of content to post to get great reach, how to ensure your pages look appealing for your audience, e-commerce trends, effective community management and so much more.

Visit AdvertiseMint’s website and make the most of your next social media strategy.

advertisemint blog page - digital marketing blog and sales funnel improvement resource

22. Bionic Advertising Systems

Bionic Advertising Systems is the only software company that is 100% dedicated to delivering the world’s best advertising media investment management systems.

They are all about bringing the joy back into advertising with media planning and marketing performance management software for media planners, advertisers, and marketers.  Offering its customers media planning tools to ensure success for their businesses, showing customers how to compile speedy ad sales proposals, and how to manage your media planning remotely, there is an abundance of information to delve into on their blog. 

Visit the Bionic advertising systems website today by clicking on the button below.

bionic advertising systems news page - digital marketing and media planningresource

23. App Samurai

App Samurai is an exciting forward thinking website that posts content that focuses on helping their readers pinpoint solutions to reach global growth, acquire new engaged users and achieve great success for apps.

With up to date blog posts about the tech industry, in particular working with apps and the various advertising avenues available in the app industry, this blog is guaranteed to teach you a thing or two about how to successfully reach your audience on their favourite apps. Furthermore, you can read about the state of the app industry during and post the COVID-19 pandemic, the tips and tricks of how to create a great app ad, the best techniques of mobile app advertising and much more.

If digital apps are your kind of thing, then this blog is a must read. Find out more about App Samurai and follow their content by visiting their website today.

app samurai blog page - digital marketing content and sales funnel resource

24. Ad Engage

Ad engage offers you the best digital marketing, SEO, advertising, web development, content writing blogs that you should be reading to maximise on your digital strategy. They are a high-performance Digital first 360 Marketing, Advertising and Consulting company.

Their overall marketing and advertising umbrella covers everything starting from Digital Marketing Services like SEO, SMM, Email Marketing, Digital Advertising, Digital Analytics, Media and PR. Their other capabilities include Design, Product Packaging, Branding, E-commerce, Mobile App and much more.

To learn more about Ad Engage browse their website and check out their services.

ad engage digital marketing trends page - digital marketing blogs

25. Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing offers great resources for gathering effective, affordable digital advertising tips. The blog has close to 75 million subscribers, and it’s easy to see why. Helping you cut through the clutter and noise of digital advertising today, this is one resource you definitely want to bookmark.

You can expect to find posts on keyword research for small businesses, how to improve your website’s user experience, the importance of reviews for your business, and so much more.

If simple and effective advertising tips are what you are looking for, visit the Duct Tape Marketing website.

duct tape marketing - online advertising tips for digital marketing and sales funnel improvement

26. Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute is filled with practical, how-to guidance, insight and the best advice from industry experts on creating content that results in effective digital advertising campaigns.

With memorable articles and top-notch research, it’s easy to further your content goals with video marketing, influencer relations and advertising ROI.

The Content Marketing Institute is also a great place to find new ways of creating content for, and promoting content on, your blog, with new posts uploaded on their blog every day, and sent out via their mailing list and RSS feed (which you could subscribe to on Slack for quick tips while you work).

Find out more about the Content Marketing Institute by visiting their website today!

content marketing institute blog page - digital marketing resources

27. Marketing Land

Founded by SEO veterans Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman, Marketing Land covers all aspects of the digital marketing industry.

Daily news coverage includes industry trends, breaking news, feature announcements and product changes for popular platforms that marketers use. It also features a multitude of articles by subject matter experts across digital marketing disciplines on how to run successful marketing campaigns.

Find out more about digital marketing and what makes a campaign successful by visiting Marketing Land and reading their resources today!

ubiz digital marketing blog covering trends and more - digital marketing blogs and resources

28. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner helps millions of businesses discover how to best use social media to connect with customers, drive traffic, generate awareness, and increase sales. Social Media Examiner is a U.S. based media company, founded by Michael Stelzner.

It publishes online magazines, blogs and podcasts about how business people can use social networks, on The online magazine publishes original research, has a weekly podcast show and hosts multiple communities for social media marketers.

Each week you can look forward to original articles, podcasts, and videos from Social Media Examiner. The editorial team keeps up with the changing trends and brings you the latest tactics that work. No need to hunt around for value. They’ve got you covered. They post daily original “how to” articles will help you navigate the constantly changing social media marketing jungle.

Visit the Social Media Examiner website to find out more about them and their offerings.

social media examiner blog website - digital marketing blog and sales funnel resource

29. Copyblogger

As the name suggests, this blog, for the most part, is about content writing and copywriting. Apart from it, Copyblogger also covers content marketing, entrepreneurship, freelance writing and more.

CopyBlogger is the ideal place to find resources to enhance your content and promotion strategies to ensure they’re effective and resonate with your audience. You can also find out information surrounding crafting brand personality, and honing your writing tone and skills.

Learn more about content marketing and copywriting by reading Copyblogger’s posts today!

copyblogger blog website - digital marketing and sales funnel improvement resource

30. MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs believes that learning changes lives. They offer free resources on topics like content marketing and email to teach marketers the skills they need to plan and execute campaigns that deliver results.

Find resources on Webinars vs Podcasts and what works best for your business, how to make product videos, marketing automation tools and how to best use them, and a whole lot more.

To get started on your learning journey in the fields of marketing and advertising, visit the Marketing Profs website and get reading today.

marketingprofs blog website marketing resources page - digital marketing blog

31. Marketo

The go-to blog for B2B marketers for the latest trends and best practices in the business. It aims to “help companies master the art and science of digital marketing to engage customers and prospects.” Marketo’s blog is categorized into different segments like ABM, lead generation and email marketing for readers with specific interests.

Attract and convert customers, grow your customer relationship, scale up your marketing and stay informed on the latest tools and trends in the industry.

Visit Marketo to explore the wide options available to your business.

marketo blog website screenshot - digital marketing blog

32. Neil Patel’s Blog

Want to know how best to drive sales for your business?

Why not take notes from Neil Patel for these few reasons; He is a New York Times Bestselling author. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies. He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United Nations.

His blog contains content surrounding all aspects of digital marketing. From tips and tricks for achieving SEO objectives, to information about social media campaigns, content marketing, copywriting, website design and more.

Check out Nail Patel’s blog to find out more!

neil patel's marketing blog - digital marketing resources and SEO resources

33. Buffer Blog

Buffer’s social media marketing blog covers the latest social media tools, analytics, and strategies for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. Stay up to date with the latest news on digital and social media analytics, tips on how to best make use of the latest social media tools, how to craft impactful content and social media posts for the various platforms and so much more.

Listen to their podcast series that takes you behind-the-scenes with the Pattern Brands founding team as it embarks on a remarkable journey to build a direct-to-consumer business and launch its first brand to market.

Visit The Buffer Blog for more information.

buffer blog, blog page - digital marketing and sales funnel improvement resource

34. SEMRush

SEMRush offers solutions for SEO, PPC, content, social media and competitive research. Trusted by over 6000000 marketers worldwide their blog offers expert tips on digital optimisation for enterprises, e-commerce, and agencies.

Keep updated with all their latest offerings and take your digital marketing strategy to new heights, draw inspiration from their case studies and webinars to help you get your creative thinking started.

Visit SEMRush’s website for more information by clicking on the button below.

SEMRush blog - sales funnel resources and digital marketing content

35. Google Ads Blog

The Google Ads blog is home to a variety of PPC and eCommerce related resources, including resources for improving lead generation and conversions for your business, and achieving your marketing objectives.

Read the latest news, tips, and information about Google Ads. Ads & Commerce Blog Press corner RSS feed Official Blog Google Ads & Commerce. News, tips and information on Google Ads and Commerce products.

Find out more by visiting the Google Ads blog today!

google ads blog - digital marketing and sales funnel improvement resource

36. Sprout Social Insights blog

Sprout Social Insights is a social media blog for business with a focus on bringing you the latest social media tips, strategies and best practices. Keep up to date and never miss a beat when it comes to everything you should know about social media marketing.

From information about how to host your first webinar, to strategies for improving your social media marketing campaigns and using social platforms effectively, to tips for reddit, building brand communities, honing brand voice and using analytics effectively.

Keep up to date with Sprout’s blog to start improving your digital marketing strategies and hone your brand.

sprout social insights blog - social media marketing content and digital marketing resource

37. Buzzsumo

BuzzSumo provides social insights for content marketing and SEO campaigns. Discover what people are sharing the most in your niche. Analyze what topics, headlines, and content formats work and get content alerts whenever your brand or a topic is mentioned find interesting and trending content to curate.

BuzzSumo also offers resources for social media marketers and other digital marketing professionals on their blog.

Find out more by visiting the Buzzsumo website today!

buzzsumo seo and content marketing content

38. Wordstream

WordStream’s award-winning blog features new content daily to help you master online marketing and advertising, including breaking news, original data, and much more.

Wordstream’s content is diverse, providing insight into targeting the right audiences, maximizing your social media marketing (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn) digital marketing, SEO, Copywriting, and advice for improving eCommerce websites.

To dive into their wide range of useful resources, visit the Wordstream blog today.

wordstream blog for digital marketing and content marketing


To start, we’ve collected a range of general advertising blogs that cover everything from media buying, to content creation, features from agencies and top agency heads, advertising campaign breakdowns, and global marketing industry news.

A must-read collection of resources for advertising industry experts and junior marketers alike.

Check out the listings below!

39. Ad Pulp

Founded by a copywriter and marketing technologist AdPulp provides daily scoops from the advertising business and offers a unique point of view on the most pressing topics of our day in marketing communications. offers an inside look at topical issues in brand communications, plus an eclectic sampling of creative output from around the world. Their blog includes topics such as working within the industry, ad conceptualisation, industry innovations and much more.

To find out more about Adpulp visit their website by clicking the button below.

adpulp blog page - covering brands and corporate communications and promotion

40. Eunoia on Medium

Founded by Carolyn Hadlock, Principal, Executive Creative Director, Young & Laramore, Eunoia is a blog that exhibits beautiful thinking from the worlds of art, advertising and culture. Eunoia means beautiful thinking in Greek. This blog captures and catalogues beautiful thoughts and the people who think them.

Expect to read and hear captivating interviews from innovators and industry creatives, with the likes of Pete Johnson, Head of Creation at LEGO Group, Brad Jakeman, former president of PepsiCo and many more influential industry thought leaders.

Visit Eunoia on Medium to find out more.

eunoia on medium - covering the creative and branding industry

41. Mashable

Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company, that brings you the latest from the world of art, culture, advertising, entertainment, tech and so much more.

The Blog Advertising category is the leading source for news, information and resources for the connected generation. From “how to guides” on the latest social media apps and tips on how to stay connected in the digital age, as well as coverage of current affairs and how the digital world can amplify global issues, this platform is a well of information that never runs dry.

Find out more about Mashable and engage in the conversation by visiting their website.

mashable advertising and technology blog - branding blogs and promotional blogs

42. World Branding Forum

A global non profit organisation that aims to advance standards in the branding industry for the good of the industry as well as consumers. Their main objective is to advance the skills and education of all those involved in the branding and related industries.

Their advertising section of the website covers the latest news in the world of branding and advertising, from new big name campaign launches to coverage of social responsibility initiatives undertaken by global companies around the world.

Find out more about this extensive branding hub by visiting the World Branding Forum website today.

world branding forum for branding and promotional resources

43. National Pen

National pen is the go-to blog for the latest advertising and marketing tips to help promote your business. They have over 50 years of experience and have garnered a revered reputation as an industry leader.

Their blog posts cover a variety of topics from branding merchandise, the different types of stationary to help your business flourish, gifting ideas for staff members during the covid times, and many tips on achieving a great working environment for your employees and customers.

Visit the National Pen website for more information.

national pens corporate promotional blog - branding blogs and corporate promotional content

44. Seth Godin Strikingly

Seth Godin offers viewers a blog with witty posts that are thought-provoking language rather than hard-hitting advertising biz speak.

Seth understands that the customer comes first and explains things in a way that makes you see advertising and marketing from a unique perspective. Seth has a lot to offer with the experience to back up his resources. He’s authored 17 books and was inducted into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame. He knows a thing or two about marketing, and he shares it with his visitors one post at a time.

Keep up to date with Seth Godin by visiting his website and reading his blog today!

seth godin creative industry blog and branding coverage

45. Brand Insight

A blog that offers its readers practical advice and insight on branding, marketing & advertising Strategies. Brand Insight helps businesses go beyond their logos by defining your brand using a simple framework and integrating it with clear messaging and beautiful design. The result is a brand customers remember and the growth your business deserves.

Explore the different strategies to help avoid brand confusion, tips on how to improve your overall brand, design tips, how to make sure your brand moves successfully through the different stages of the consumer journey, and so much more.

Visit the Brand Insight website to find out more.

brand insight blog - branding, corporate marketing and advertising blog

46. Cherryflava

Cherryflava is an opinionated commentary on global trends and innovation – edited since 2004 by Jonathan Cherry. focuses on documenting, analysing and understanding the sources of global change and how they translate into consumer trends and behaviour; highlighting the business opportunities that they offer for organisations that have an innovation & growth-mindset.

Cherryflava is an online resource of insight, trends and innovation – covering the social dimension, technology, economics, the environment and politics.

Visit the Cherryflava website to browse the latest post and stay in the loop with current industry trends.

cherryflava creative industry blog - creative industry opinion resource

47. Businesses Grow

Founder Mark is well-known for developing corporate marketing strategies and marketing workshops. His clients range from successful start-ups to global brands such as Adidas, Johnson & Johnson, GE Life Sciences, Pfizer, The U.S. Air Force, and the UK Government.

With an entire section devoted to advertising, the Grow blog offers industry expertise and thought-provoking insight with a little dash of fun on the side. The Grow blog sits at the intersection of marketing, technology and humanity and the blog has been featured on many lists as one of the top five business blogs in the world.

Learn from an industry expert and grow your business, visit Mark Shafer’s Businesses Grow website today.

mark shaefer blog about growing businesses - branding blogs and corporate promotional content

48. Joe La Pompe

If you like drama, then this is the blog for you! Joe La Pompe is built around causing drama. The concept is simple: find copycats. Joe La Pompe will post the original ad and the alleged offender along with relevant agency credits. Simply put, this is the blog everyone wants to read and no one wants to be on.

Joe La Pompe is great for finding inspiration (just don’t become a copycat!) and keeping up to date with ads across a variety of categories – such as design & digital, direct marketing, guerrilla & ambient, print & outdoor, special pages, as well as television ads and viral ads.

To find out more about the ad content on offer, visit the Joe La Pompe website today!

joe la pompe blog opinion blog covering unmasking copycat advertisers - branding blog

49. Gods of Advertising

Gods of Advertising was founded by Steffan Postaer, executive creative director at gyro, shares his unique thoughts on the advertising industry.

Being a copywriter by trade, he has created three iconic ideas in his career, while most copywriters dream of creating even one in their career. He is also the author of 3 books, including ‘The Happy Soul Industry’, where you will find out what would happen if god hired an ad agency.

Dive into Steffan’s world and his thoughts by visiting Gods of Advertising today!.

gods of advertising - advertising industry and branding content focus

Learn more about advertising regulations, laws and other legislative advertising content.

To end our list, we’ve provided a standalone resource to help you navigate the legal aspects of advertising.

Sheppard Mullin provides marketing regulations and legislative updates from a variety of countries to assist advertisers when it comes to producing and promoting all kinds of content.

Check out Sheppard Mullin to make sure your latest marketing efforts are aligned with all of the necessary advertising guidelines in your space.

50. Sheppard Mullin

Sheppard Mullin is an international law firm that provides information on legal issues affecting advertising, marketing and promotions.

Keep in the know about the marketing and advertising tactics that you are using and the possible legal implications they may have on your business.

The law may not be something that is top of mind when it comes to creating your ad campaigns, but we think this blog is a great resource to familiarize yourself with and educate yourself on the different types of laws that govern the industry that you are in.

To find out more about these topics and more, visit the Sheppard Mullin website.

sheppard mullins advertising regulations blog

Your International Advertising Agency

Well, there you have it, our list of the top 51 advertising blogs to follow. They are informative, engaging and practical, and easy for anyone to read and learn from. Think we missed out on some? We’d like to hear from you, pop us a comment on this post, we’d love to include your suggestions to the list!

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