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The United Arab Emirates is the most diversified economy in the GCC. Seen as the most progressive market with a high ease of doing business, it has fast become the business hub of the region. With seven Emirates its population is highly diverse, with over 150 nationalities calling it home. Its locals and residents have high disposable income and an insatiable appetite for experiences and material goods making it an excellent market. Let’s take a deeper look into the UAE consumer and how you can best target your next campaign in the UAE.

UAE Consumer Profile

The increase in the UAE population can be attributed mostly to the high demand of work in the two main cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Ongoing development in the country, have attracted workers globally. The United Arab Emirates’ population will continue to grow as the country continues to develop. In 2017, the total population was 9.4 million people.

Quick facts on the Emiratis in the UAE
  • Majority age range: 15-64
  • Men: 30 to 49
  • Largest households: Couples with children (50% of households)
  • Temporary workers (25% of households)
  • Couples without children (13%).

The last category is expected to grow significantly by 2020, which should be reflected with increasing purchase money, presenting opportunities for higher quality products.

Purchasing power in the UAE

According to the latest available data by the World Bank, GDP per capita increased from USD 38,517 PPP in 2016 to USD 40,698 PPP in 2017. Salaries differ among the seven federal emirates, but the average salary in the biggest emirates – Dubai and Abu Dhabi – is around USD 33,400, while disposable personal income is USD 13,500.

UAE Consumer Behaviour

Consumers in the UAE are some of the most diverse across the Gulf countries. Only 19% of the population is Emirati and the majority of the population consists of immigrants – mainly from South Asia, Iran, East Asia and the West.

UAE ConsumerRetail in the UAE

Shopping malls dominate the retail landscape because they provide a source of entertainment, a social experience, and the all important, air conditioning. 84% of consumers make their purchases in-store while only 9% of consumers preferred online shopping to offline. Stores also play an important role in product awareness.

Consumers in the UAE are big spenders and are loyal to their favourite brands. The UAE is an attractive market for luxury brands, with Dubai accounting for 30% of the Middle East’s luxury market, and Emiratis spending around 30% of their monthly salaries on luxury goods. Additionally, even though around 30% of the population is female, women influence 80% of all purchases in Dubai alone.

Empire- Your Advertising Partner in UAE

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