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The marketing landscape is fierce and constantly evolving. One of the main reason for this is innovative thinking which forces progression within the industry. If you want to stay relevant, and give your clients the best, as an agency you want to be able to adapt and lead the field. At Empire, we have always strived to become a global agency. The main reason for this is to be able to give our clients access to global media markets and offering truly world-class service.

Operating on a global capacity as its challenges, but we believe this brings you, our clients, the very best value.

The Cream of the Crop when it comes to Talent

Working globally gives us the ability to have the best talent available. Global agencies can use their international talent pool as a valuable resource to offer top-quality creative work. With a team made up of field experts we are able to provide services in a range of languages and local knowledge, no matter where your business interest lies.

24-hour Working Days

Because we cover a wide range of time zones, we have the ability to work around the clock. Because of this, we have an efficient communication infrastructure in place, which is something that as a client, you’d find quite appealing. We keep customer service at the root of our service levels, and always keep the customer first, especially when it comes to communication.

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Constantly Improving

At Empire, we have no limit. We are constantly challenged to develop and adapt our work to the desires of its global clientele. Because we have a global portfolio of clients all over the world we are forced to stay abreast of what works and what doesn’t.

No Resting on our Laurels

Don’t get us wrong – we have a management team with 50 years of combined experience in over 25 markets around the world. The point is, we don’t want to hold up a slide and show you the 20 massive corporate clients we’ve worked with. We have that slide if you want to see it, and have been lucky enough to have worked with some awesome clients.

But we’d prefer to show you want we CAN do, not what we DID do. We take our experience and our past learnings, but we apply them firmly to the future of your brand. We’re only as good as our next project, that is what keeps us hungry.

Client Centric

Of course, this is something that most businesses say. But as an independent business our clients and their happiness are the lifeblood of our progress and sustainability. Unlike most corporate business staff members, we remember the time when we won our first client. We remember the time before that, when we had none.

We’re thankful for how our clients have supported our business growth over the past few years and wake up every day focused on delivering unexpected service, industry leading value and continuing our strong relationships to justify their commitment to us.

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Agility as a Core Business Strength

We’re entrepreneurs ourselves. We know what it means to make ends meet, we’ve been there. We know that sometimes, things pop up at 2am and we’re happy to be up then to help you get them done. The only constant in business today is RAPID change. As such, we believe agility is core to survival. And this rubs off on our flexible approach to managing our clients’ needs.

A massive advantage of being a light, dynamic go-cart rather than a massive freight train is that you can change directions a lot faster.

No Rebate System

Rebates affectively mean that an agency that books a certain value of media with a media owner will get a certain kickback for it at the end of the year. Now that is not a bad thing in itself. The problem comes in when agencies make recommendations to their clients that suit their own financial needs and do not necessarily deliver the best results for their client’s brands.

Empire does not work with rebates. We’re a for profit company of course, but we feel we have a better way. A more transparent way that means we’re always doing what is best for our clients because if we do our best for them, our business will flourish as a result.

Media Neutral

We have no tie ups and are not compelled to make any media recommendations that we feel are not completely the right option for our clients. We don’t always get it 100% perfect, but we always intend to. Because our biggest pressure is the pressure we put on ourselves to delight our clients – not pressure coming from head office to sell certain properties or achieve certain metrics.

Independent Global Agency


Independent agencies are, well, exactly as the name suggests, independent of any corporate media behemoth. That in itself is not of huge benefit however it can affect how an agency operates, often to the benefit of its clients, and that is news well worth spreading. Free of pressure to conform to corporate requirements or report to some higher power, independent agencies such as Empire tend to organize ourselves differently.

Empire Group is a market leader in the media and advertising industry. We work across a range of media including outdoor, radio, TV, print and digital. If you would like to learn more about advertising across borders please reach out to us here. If it’s not completely obvious yet, Empire is fiercely independent and believe it powers our competitive advantage and ultimately, enables us to exceed our clients’ expectations. We’d love the chance to show you the Empire difference and help you grow your brand.