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In a world where there are advertising opportunities are everywhere you look; it can be an overwhelming task to find methods that work for you and your business. With an extremely large portion of businesses, target audiences engaging across a wide spectrum of advertising platforms, it’s simply impossible to only use one channel. But how do you begin to strategize an integrated campaign? If you’re asking this question time and time again, this article is for you.

Who is your Target Market?

How deep of an understanding do you as a brand have of your target audience?

Demographically, you need to know details about them such as age, gender, education and psychologically, their interests, behaviours and attitude. This will aid you in your channel decision-making, which we’ll get to below. It will also help you convey a message that will resonate with your audience.
Here are a few questions you should be able to answer about your target market:

  1. What are their motivators?
  2. How do they prefer communication?
  3. What prints or online sites do they enjoy reading?
  4. If they’re on social media, what content do they look for and engage with?
How to create a successful integrated marketing plan

Choose your Channels Strategically

When picking your channels for marketing, remember that not all of them will be relevant to your chosen market. Which channels will your consumer’s use and what purpose will that channel serve for your overall objective? Be merciless when it comes to choosing channels. Not all of them are for you. Pick the ones you’ll know will have a return on investment. If you’re trying to reach a mature audience, chances of them being on Instagram are slim. Aim for newspapers or magazines, which have a readership similar, or on point with your target markets demographic.

Be Brand Conscious

Being on-brand is more than just having a pedantic art director. The form of your message may change throughout various channels, however your messaging and brand identity should stay consistent. Why? This is because the quality of a customer experience is important. The way in which your brand is perceived is a big force in whether or not you’re going to get any leads on your campaigns.

Track and Adjust

It will never be cut and paste with any campaign. Whether digital print or radio, you need to have clear data to see what is working and what isn’t. Run into a problem with expected numbers? Adjust your messaging, visuals, budget spend and try again.

If you’d like to explore integrated media campaigns for your business, Empire is ready to help. Empire is a trusted independent advertising agency with decades of collective experience and know-how. To get in touch with us, reach out here.