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Did you know that consumers are exposed to between 4000 – 10 000 ads a day? If you think about it, you wake up, check your mobile and you’re immediately inundated with ads across social media, perhaps even intrusive emailers and text messages. You make your coffee with your branded machine and turn on the TV to catch the morning show. What do you see? More adverts. While heading down to the office, you see more advertisements and even more inside, while you sit and mindlessly look at it on route to the office.

Break through the Noise

How deep of an understanding do you as a brand have of your target audience?

As a brand, you find yourself in the peak time of the advertising era. So how can you break through the noise created by advertising companies and create the urgency that is necessary to make consumers take action? It is so easy to have your message diluted through the mass of advertisements currently being fed to consumers on a daily basis.

Advertising and marketing will always play a fundamental role in the acquisition of new clients. What works is intuitive and clever marketing through creative concepts. It is so important to note that the idea of “more ads equal more consumers” is no longer valid. Consumers have become immune to conventional marketing methods. Their attention span is short. As you know, there are numerous methods of advertising avenues you can choose, but the challenge is the consumers’ receptivity of these methods and how they have changed.

How can you take conventional methods of advertising and make it stand out in the crowd?

How to beat the saturated market of advertising_1

Creating High Quality Content

The time has come to focus on quality. By utilizing strategies that include:

  1. Value added marketing
  2. High quality advertisements across a variety of mediums
  3. Striking visuals and specific brand positioning
  4. Category innovation and staying relevant
  5. Market expertise

When looking at advertising options, or finding an advertising company in London to work with, you want to be 100% sure that your brand will be positioned well. You want to ensure the correct fit is made for your brand, as well as your targeted clients.

The secret to success is finding the right people who will provide the context; tone and emotivism that is needed to make your business the right fit for your desired target market.

We find ourselves in a world where brand communications are absolutely dependent on meaningful and engaging content, keeping consumers at the forefront, no matter the marketing channel

If you want to gain more insight on what strategies are successful in a saturated market, Empire is at the ready to help.