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Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall and a global icon of retail. Located in the progressive Downtown Dubai precinct next to the world famous, Burj Khalifa, the mall welcomes 80 million affluent visitors annually. It is carefully zoned by store type, activity type and affluence, making Dubai Mall a powerful advertising hub for the region’s brands. Carry on reading as we’ll be sharing everything you need to know about advertising in Dubai Mall.

Dubai Mall interior advertising

Why advertise in Dubai Mall?

The more appropriate question is, why not? Mall advertising is the best way to speak to your target audience while they are ready to purchase and open to a branded message. Mall visits in the UAE are often treated as an all-day outing, with multiple meals, leisure activities and purchases being the order of the day.

But in order to maximise your advertising impact and generate meaningful return, the right planning is required to ensure your content and its placement reaches the right audience with an engaging and memorable message. Empire has a team of experts to help you do just that!

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Dubai mall boasts over 340 screens across the mall. These are capable of delivering high quality digital content in both video and static format. Let’s have a look at some options available to advertisers today.

Advertising options in Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall offers a diverse array of advertising options that might appeal to you. Let’s take a look at some of the options available.

Grand Drive Banners:

What better way to grab shoppers’ attention than as they’re driving up to the mall’s main entrance? The Grand Drave Banners can host still or video content. The LED display screens are 1.8 meters in width and 4 meters in height making them impossible to miss! Our team will advise on creating the perfect content for the format.

Dubai Mall Grand Drive Banner

Ice Rink Screen:

If your brand targets families the ice rink is a perfect area in which to do so. With its Olympic size ice rink, there’s always an audience in this area of the mall. The screen dimensions are 20 meters by 10 meters and display 15-second ads.

Dubai Mall Ice Rink Advertising screen

Link Bridge screens:

There are 22 link bridge screens across the mall, which are guaranteed to be viewed by practically every person visiting the mall, given that they are positioned above all passageways and corridors across the mall. They offer fantastic general awareness exposure and an impressive format in which to deliver your message.

Dubai Mall Link Bridge Advertising

Store Directory Display:

In a mall as extensive as Dubai Mall, you can guarantee that people will be making use of the store directories. They are positioned at eye level which provides maximum visibility and generates high coverage due to the number of directories available across the mall.

Dubai Mall Store Directory Advertising

Internal Metro Link Screen:

Dubai Mall has an internal metro link, which sees high foot traffic all week long. Placing your ad on metro link screens is the perfect way to reach your audience in a quiet moment (away from all the stores and distractions) when they have the time to engage with brands or do some research through their mobile.

Dubai Mall Internal link Advertising

Food Court Screens:

This is a guaranteed high traffic zone in Dubai Mall, with large dwell time. The Mall’s food court screens are 46” screens, ensuring maximum impact. Another way to capitalise on your audience’s ‘pause’ as they grab some food and think about their next move.

Dubai Mall Food Court Advertising

Empire’s Media Experts talk Dubai Mall Advertising

We chatted with one of Empire’s experienced Out of Home Advertising media experts and gathered some interesting insights about Dubai Mall advertising.

1. What would you say are some of the advantages of advertising in malls?

In-mall advertising is considered to be one of the strongest mediums of OOH advertising in the UAE, as 60% of the population in Dubai, visit the mall on a daily basis, whether it’s for work or leisure.
In- mall advertising is also known to be a point of purchase location – which if favorited by advertisers.

2. What makes Dubai Mall great for advertising?

Dubai Mall is the most visited mall by all UAE residents and tourists. It has 6.4 million visitors per month, and people spend a minimum of 5 hours at the mall shopping, dining, having coffee with friends and family. In addition to that, Dubai Mall has many different entertainment facilities that attract shoppers and make for great advertising opportunities.

3. What types of businesses should advertise in malls, particularly Dubai mall?

All types of businesses could advertise in malls, whether they come from the industry of FMCG, education, tourism, airlines, events and of course, products. All of these businesses could reach their target audience through advertising inside the Dubai Mall as it guarantees high exposure.

4. What is Dubai Mall’s audience profile?

Dubai Mall attracts all different categories of people who are both UAE residents and tourists coming from all around the world. UAE residents who also live outside Dubai visit the Dubai mall frequently over the weekend and during the holidays as it has plenty of activities to keep them occupied throughout the day.

5. What advertising options are available at Dubai mall?

The indoor section of Dubai Mall has digital screens distributed along the mall which consist of different sized screens placed in strategic spots with high foot traffic. You can find screens on store directories, link bridges and other attractive spots inside the mall such as the Ice rink, aquarium and the well-known fountain entrance.
The outdoor section of the mall consists of static panels and digital screen options as well. Dubai Mall also offers activation spaces to interact directly with customers.

6. Which mediums are most effective when advertising in a mall?

Each medium inside the mall is placed strategically to attract people, therefore, most of the advertising options you find are always digital screens where you could place a video or visual that attracts the consumer.

7. How does Dubai mall advertising drive conversion, and can you tell us about any success stories of past campaigns that you have done?

The exposure that advertisers get is exponential in Dubai Mall as they will never have their ad missed by the mall visitors, due to the distribution and quantity of screens which guarantees clients driven conversion and ROI.
One of our frequent and returning clients that advertise on Dubai mall screens is UAE Warriors. There is a fighting championship event that happens every 2 months within the year, through advertising on the Dubai Mall screens, every single event is a success, therefore, they continue to advertise in Dubai Mall as it guarantees them great results.

8. Malls attract many different consumers; how do you make sure that you attract/reach your particular target audience when advertising in a mall?

Malls are categorized according to areas where they exist, secondary, Dubai areas are distributed according to demographics in terms of nationalities mainly, and then income level. For example; Mall of Emirates’ target audience is expat Arabs and westerns, however, Mirdif city center’s target audience is expat Arabs and local emiratis. However, Dubai mall targets all different nationalities, therefore, areas play a big role in targeting the type of consumer you are looking to reach.

9. How important is shopper segmentation when considering mall advertising?

It is very important of course. Malls are categorized within in terms of quality of fashion brands, for example, you tend to find local emiratis in a high-end brand like Louis Vuitton or Chanel. Other parts of the Dubai Mall cater to the mid-level shops, which will attract a different type of consumer.

10. How does Dubai Mall compare to other points of sale locations in the area?

Dubai mall’s wide range of shops and brands makes it unique, as you surprisingly find collections in stores that don’t even exist in any of the other malls.

Dubai Mall Advertising Screen

Learn more about Advertising in Dubai Mall from an expert

There’s a lot to consider when planning an advertising campaign in Dubai Mall. A lack of understanding of the mall’s zoning, the ad format that will resonate best with your audience, as well as the buying and implementation processes often results in an under performing campaign.

Empire has implemented numerous campaigns in the mall. If you’d like further information on how advertising in Dubai Mall can benefit your brand and contribute towards your marketing objectives, feel free to contact us. We’d be delighted to offer you advice and work with you to plan the perfect campaign for your brand.

Since Empires’ inception 8 years ago, we have built solid relationships with Dubai Mall and have executed a number of successful campaigns for our clients in this space. If you are looking to advertise in Dubai Mall or would like to speak to our experts and get more information, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re geared up and ready to take your brand to new heights.