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In this curated guide, you will get to know UAE radio stations and their best shows including topical discussions, sports coverage, entertainment, music and much more!

We’ve curated a list of the best radio shows in the United Arab Emirates, and categorized them by what’s on offer from these great stations. 

You can simply click on the link and land directly on their live stream. And in the case that there is no live stream option, you can check out the station’s radio frequency to tune in while you are on the move or simply chilling out.

So, let’s jump straight into our selection of stations on the soundwaves!

Top Breakfast Shows in the UAE

Morning radio shows are probably just as important as that first morning cup of coffee. They wake you up, keep you going and keep you company during bumper to bumper traffic on your morning commute to work!

Let’s admit it, without morning radio shows many of us would be grumpy souls on the road, so we thank those dedicated radio personalities that wake up in the early hours of the morning to prepare appetising content for their breakfast shows.

Here is a list of our favourite morning shows to help you get going in the morning!

1. Kris Fade Show

The Show as suggested in the name is hosted by the remarkable Kris Fade, teaming up with gossip queen Priti Malik, and the humorous man Big Rossi. This breakfast show is highly entertaining and will provide you with a lively start to your day weekdays from 6am to 10am.

You can expect the show to feature celebrity appearances, current affairs and cultural discussions – as well as competitions with large cash prizes, dreamy holiday experiences, and tickets to the hottest events in the UAE, and around the world!

Tune into the Kris Fade Show daily and energize your mornings!

kris fade breakkfast show- virgin radio dubai

2. The Business Breakfast

The Business Breakfast is informative and covers an entertaining mixture of content from interviews, financial market updates and analysis, to opinion covering the morning’s top stories and current affairs in the business world. Join Brandy Scott, Richard Dean and Tom Urquhart from 6am-10am every morning. 

Tune in to engage in the conversation, and enjoy up-to-the minute financial news and business advice.

Visit the Business Breakfast on the Dubai Eye website today.

the business breakfast radio show- dubai eye UAE radio

3. Kadak Mornings

Kadak Radio, previously Radio Mirchi, is known for its lively morning show with a positive team that will help you get your day started!

Kadak Mornings is a Hindu radio show with plenty of cheer, uplifting music, and captivating conversations – perfect for your morning commute to work, with frequent traffic updates and the latest news available throughout the show. 

Find out more about Kadak Mornings and to stay updated with the latest Hindi hits and news, by visiting Kadak FM.

kadakfm - uae radio breakfast show- website

4. Exit 99

Exit 99 is a show that airs from Sunday to Thursday weekly, at 7am-10am on ARN (Arabian Radio Network) 99, keeping commuters and passengers entertained as they make their morning journeys to work or school.

Wake up to the latest global developments in entertainment, tech, and health with interactive competitions and local and international music hits. 

To tune into Exit 99 every weekday morning, check out Exit 99 on 99FM.

exit99 breakfast radio show- 99fm website

5. Sobh-e-Shoma Baa Hannan

Airing weekdays from Sunday to Thursday, 7 – 10AM, Radio Shoma 93.4 brings you a fun start to your morning with a dose of interactive exciting competitions, and positive energy from host, Hannan. 

Radio Shoma 93.4 is the UAE’s only Farsi music radio station, keeping listeners in the loop on traffic issues to help you plan your route to work. Enjoy a great music mix to keep you entertained while you’re on-the-move.

Visit Radio Shoma to learn more about Sobh-e-Shoma with host Hannan.

Sobh-e-Shoma Baa-show-radioshoma94-website

6. Tag Ginsing Na

Wake up to a party on the sound waves every weekday from 5am-10am, with Tag Ginsing Na every morning with hosts, Bluebird and Keri Belle. 

Get the latest top charting hits, breaking news and topical conversations on matters of interest to their dedicated Pinoy expat audience and the Filipino community.

Don’t miss out on the party, tune into Tag Ginsing Na by following the link below.


7. The Big Breakfast Club

The Big Breakfast Club show is hosted by Nyla, Arfaz, and Jean, weekdays from 6am to 11am on Hit 967FM.

The show is jam packed with pretty much everything you could ever want from a breakfast show from celebrity interviews, book reviews, health segments, even crazy prank calls! All whilst delivering your favourite hits to get your morning started the right way! 

Tune into The Big Breakfast Club to get your morning boost of entertainment.


8. Oxygen

Oxygen is a morning show broadcasted on Alkhaleejiya, from Sunday to Thursday, 7am to 10am.

Enjoy listening to educational, conversational and thought provoking content and the coverage of topics such as the achievements of innovators and creators in the UAE. You can also expect political topics and commentary about the UAE, movements and youth projects, as well as happenings in the cultural sphere. 

Broaden your knowledge and tune into Oxygen during your weekday mornings to stay informed! Take a look at Oxygen on Alkhaleejiya to see more.


9. Breakfast No 1

Tagged the Happiest Way to Wake Up, tune into Breakfast No 1 on City 101FM, weekdays from 6am-10am, with hosts Sid and Parikshit. This exciting morning show brings you the most interesting news, both local and international, latest tech trends, Bollywood news, trending stories, and competitions with cash prizes to win!

Enjoy your morning commute with these two awesome hosts, who have a seamless chemistry that keeps listeners engaged. 

Catch Breakfast No 1 every weekday morning by clicking the button below.


10. Channel 4 Breakfast with JJ

Created just over 2 years ago, Channel 4 Breakfast with JJ Thompson and Nimi Nehta is an engaging morning show to get you started on the right foot in the morning – on air from Monday to Saturday, 6am to 10am.

Wake up each morning with infectious banter, hot topics, the latest entertainment news, quizzes, interviews and game show segments hosted by JJ and Nimi.

Tune into Channel 4 Breakfast show to add a dose of fun to your morning routine!

channel4-breakfast-show-with-jj-and-nimi-uae-radio show-website

Top Radio Entertainment Shows in the UAE

Gossip, laughter, games, quizzes, entertainment news and so much more!

Entertainment shows are engaging and keep your audience tuned-in, featuring great content to share and awesome interviews with relevant personalities that grab audiences’ attention across the UAE. You might even find an opportunity to enter into an amazing giveaway or competition…

Here are a few of our favourite entertainment shows for you to check out:

11. The Night Shift with Mark Lloyd

This is a show hosted by a radio veteran and friend to the stars. The radio show was founded in 1991 and Mark’s spot is from 8pm to 11pm. Mark is an avid entertainer, his passion has seen him heading live shows in Singapore, Japan and New York. 

Expect well executed interviews, and listen in as Mark gets to know the celebrities in UAE and the world. This show also has a wide mix of local and international tunes that will keep you on your toes. During the show you can also request hits that you’d like to listen to.

Mark’s show is definitely the best way to end your day, tune into the Night Shift, on Dubai Eye 103.8.

The Night Shift-website-uae-breakfast-radio-shows

12. Lari Gupshup

Mirchi FM invites you to join Lari Gupshup every Monday to Saturday from 4pm to 9pm. RJ Harsh wins over his audience his heartwarming personality and sense of humour. The way he treats his listeners keeps them coming back to join the conversation.

Expect the jovial RJ to keep you entertained and well informed. The show is full of information about current affairs, sport, the latest movies, plus contests, quizzes and competitions that will challenge your mind. RJ plays the latest UAE tunes, so you can expect a great playlist to enjoy in the late afternoon and into the evening.

Don’t miss out! Find Lari Gupshup on Mirchi 98.3 FM and start listening today!

Lari Gupshup on Mirchi 98.3 FM-website-uae-breakfast-radio-shows

13. Off Script with Chris, Robbie and Sonal

This DubaiEye team delivers you all the latest news, entertainment and sports with a bit of a spin, weekdays from 5 – 8PM, with hosts Chris McHardy, Robbie Greenfield and Sonal Rupani. 

Chris, Robbie and Sonal bring you a show filled with personality and opinionated views, which spark conversation and inspires thought provoking discussions where listeners engage and have their say!

A show that draws its listeners in and keeps them engaged and entertained with topical talk, top celebrity guests, a healthy dose of humour, and a little bit of off-script banter and conversation.

Tune in to some great entertainment during your evening commute with these talented hosts by visiting Off Script.

Off Script-website-uae-breakfast-radio-shows

14. The Feed

Tune into Virgin Radio weekdays at 2PM – 6PM to join Brent Black for The Feed.

The Feed is a show that brings you the latest entertainment news hot off the Hollywood press, the latest hit music news from your favourite stars, the scoop on the hottest things to do in the UAE as well as some good old celebrity gossip.

If the entertainment industry is something you are interested in, then this is the show to keep you in the loop. Join Brent Black on The Feed, hit the button below and listen live during the afternoon!


15. How Sweet

How Sweet airs on A.R.N 99 (Arabian Radio Network) weekdays from 5PM to 8PM, hosted by Khaled Ghanayem.

How Sweet brings you the latest news of social media and sports, delivered with passion and positive energy. Keep up with what is trending on the twitter timelines, the most popular YouTube Channels, updates on the latest social media platforms, as well as coverage of top entertainment activities happening in Dubai.

Tune into the How Sweet ARN99 Radio show by clicking the button below.

How Sweet uae breakfast radio show website

16. 360 Degrees

Tune into the 360 Degrees radio show on Al Khaleejiya weekdays 6PM – 9PM with host Maryam Al Jasmi, as he brings you informative and engaging content

In his “Colours” segment of the show, he explores why certain landmarks and things around the world are associated with a particular colour. The “Fantasia” segment of the show covers new and old cinematic films from around the world and highlights the most popular shows in the UAE. 

You can also expect conversational segments, covering how to handle complex social situations and solve specific problems through the “I saw you white” segment and enjoy interactive games that test your mind and imagination.

Tune into 360 Degrees and engage in intriguing discussions. Visit the Al Khaleejiya to find out more.

360 degrees uae radio shows website

17. On Air With Ryan Seacrest

One of the most popular celebrities around the world, and America’s sweetheart, Ryan Seacrest brings you On Air with Ryan Seacrest, available on Virgin Radio Dubai on weekdays, from 1pm to 3pm.

Enjoy segments on A-list celebrities, Hollywood news, interviews, and content about special events in the entertainment industry. You can also expect plenty of coverage surrounding the music, television, and film industries – in the UAE and across the world.

Keep up to date with your favourite stars, tune in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

on air with ryan seacrest uae entertainment radio show website

18. No Routine

No Routine is on Al Arabiya 99FM, weekdays from 1pm-3pm, hosted by Mirna Rhama, a talented individual well-versed in the media and journalism industry, with an approach that thoroughly engages her listeners.

Stay entertained with a varied program that targets the modern person, interested in keeping up to date on the latest from the health industry, nutrition field, sports space, fashion world, lifestyle and the environment.

To tune in for insightful discussions with Mirna, visit No Routine.

no routine uae entertainment radio show website

19. Life with HIT

Life with HIT is a lifestyle show hosted by the entertaining Maya Kartha.

Life with Hit covers lifestyle content, beauty tips, cooking and recipes, interviews and a daily dose of celebrity news and gossip from around the world. You can also expect competitions with great prizes and opportunities to call in and join the discussion.

Tune into Life with HIT on ARN Hit 96.7 on weekdays to start listening!

life with hit uae entertainment radio show website

20. Bezan Berim

Recharge your energy levels with a dose of excitement from Bezan Berim weekdays on Radio Shoma from 5pm to 8pm, on ARN 93.4.

Bezan Berim hosts contests and quizzes, where you can stand the chance to win amazing prizes! Bezan Berim will also keep you up-to-date with the latest news and current affairs. You may even come across some poetry written by both amateur and renowned writers, alongside a great music playlist to keep you going during your day.

Join in and keep yourself entertained by tuning into the Bezan Berim radio show! Click the link below to listen live now.

bezan berim uae entertainment radio show website

Top Music Shows in the UAE

Need to know which tracks are climbing up the charts and who’s about to release their latest album? Find out now!

We’ve collected a list of radio shows that keep listeners updated with all the latest chart-toppers and find new music from artists entering the music scene. Enjoy an uninterrupted musical experience throughout the day!

Check out our list of the UAE’s favourite music shows on radio.

21. Middle East Hot 30

The Hot 30 show is exactly what you expect. A jam packed top 30 of the hottest urban tracks that are popular right now!

As the listener, you get to vote for the song you feel deserves to be in the top 30. Every week these songs fight for the #1 spot. It’s the best feeling when you hear your favorite song at the top of the charts!

There is also a segment where listeners are encouraged to submit their favourite songs to be added to their track list and forms a part of the show where Kris and the team give you the inside scoop on new music in the industry.

Find out more by visiting the Middle East Hot 30 and tune in every Friday on Virgin Radio Dubai at 4pm.

Hot 30 uae music radio show website

22. Mirchi Top 20

This show promises you the best Bollywood tunes, 20 popular songs from big blockbusters to the latest hits, hosted by RJ Suren. Expect the best music every week!

A top 20 show is the best way to keep informed on the latest hits, featuring all of your favourite Hindi artists and their most coveted songs right now. Radio Mirchi has unlimited access to the best music content, so you can depend on them to always play the latest tracks and deliver inside news from the music industry.

Don’t lose out on hearing the best in Hindi music, visit the Top 20 Show on Radio Mirchi on 98.3fm right now!

Top 20 radio mirchi uae music radio show website

23. Abu Dhabi Classic

Abu Dhabi Classic FM, one of Abu Dhabi Media’s most prominent radio stations, is the first Western classical music radio station in the UAE. Abu Dhabi Classic FM attracts classical music lovers and offers a wide variety of interactive programs.

If you’re into classical, jazz and soft music then you’ll find a home at Abu Dhabi Classic. If you’re looking to broaden your music taste, they might just be able to give you a ton of new artists to enjoy.

Besides playing the best music, the station keeps you well informed on current affairs and provides some insight into the cultural hub of the UAE through insightful talk shows. You will definitely feel relaxed and be inspired listening to this radio station.

Visit Abu Dhabi Classic FM to tune in and join the community of music lovers who listen to the best music.

abu dhabi classic uae music radio show website

24. Songs Of The Gulf

Al Khaleejiya 100.9 fm is a local radio station which serves the musical and news needs of the elite UAE and GCC nationals. With 595 000 listeners every week, Al Khaleejiya is continuously growing in listenership.

Expect the best in Khaleeji music, artists like Ahlam, Assala Nasri and many more. Arab music is a big part of the UAE culture, and is celebrated across the region.

Visit 100.9 FM for the best in UAE musical culture and well curated news content.

songs of the gulf classic uae music radio show website

25. The 2020 HitList

Virgin Radio Dubai presents the HitList with Maz and James, available every week night. This dynamic duo have electric energy on air to keep their listeners engaged. James is outgoing and stylish, his personality compliments Maz perfectly who is adventurous and very in-the-know about most things in town.

The show has the best interviews, James and Maz always catch up with different celebrities and musicians to find out how their 2020 has been. The music is trendy and you can expect to hear the biggest hits out in the music scene right now. At 8:20pm on the show, you get to pick a song that will be added to the playlist. It’s a top 20 playlist by you, the listener.

Tune into Virgin Radio Dubai to join James and Maz as they provide you with the best music selection in the UAE.

the 2020 hitlist uae music radio show website

26. Club Shoma

Radio Shoma on 93.4 fm is inviting you to join them every Thursday from 8pm to 12am for the latest in club and dance music, hosted by Baa Farhad B.

Thursdays are the gateway to the weekend which always bring festivities and a fun nightlife. His club mixes will get you in the mood for a fun evening.

Don’t miss out on fantastic hits that will make you feel like you’re on the dance floor, join Baa Farhad B on the Club Shoma Show on Radio Shoma, 93.4fm.

club shoma uae music radio show website

Best Afternoon Drive Shows in the UAE

Afternoon drive shows keep listeners company during their lunchtime breaks, afternoon commutes in peak traffic. These shows provide a great way to unwind from a stressful day at the office and make your way home to enjoy some much needed “me time”.

Stay up to date with charting music, news, and local traffic conditions to make your journey home a breeze!

Find our list of the best afternoon drive shows on radio in the UAE below.

27. Dubai 92 with Rich

Dubai 92 is available on weekdays from 1pm to 4pm, and is known as one of the top music radio stations in the UAE, hosted by a knowledgeable host, Rich.

Enjoy the latest tunes across a wide variety of genres, as well as entertainment news, current affairs content, and even traffic updates to make sure your drive home isn’t halted by traffic jams.

Your host, Rich, is the perfect person to take you throughout the day. You’ll be updated constantly on what’s happening around Dubai.

Tune into Dubai 92 fm every weekday in the afternoon during your drive home and let Rich bring some energy to your afternoon drive home. Visit Dubai 92 to tune in.

dubai 92 with richuae afternoon drive radio show website

28. DubaiEye: Afternoons with Helen Farmer

Afternoons is hosted by Helen Farmer, who has an experienced background in broadcasting and publishing, and it shows in her professional style and execution of the show. Afternoons is available on the air from 2pm to 5pm every weekday, on DubaiEye.

Afternoons is a lifestyle show, where Helen engages different experts and professionals for their opinions on a variety of subjects and topics. Helen’s candid style about life in the UAE makes her enjoyable for newcomers to the UAE, along with residents of the UAE, as she provides a straightforward and honest opinion.

Expect quality content from an all-rounder. Helen’s other famous job is being a mother. She incorporates her experiences into her work and she sometimes shares inspiration about how she manages to juggle it all.

This show is every weekday from 2pm to 5pm. Tune into Dubai Eye FM on 103.8fm and listen in as Helen takes you on a journey around the UAE.

afternoons with helen uae afternoon drive radio show website

29. Radioactive

This evening drive time show on Hit 96.7 is hosted by the lively Mithun – his energy is exactly what you need on the drive back home from work.

Radioactive is full of wholesome and poignant conversations, movie gossip and other serious topics. Accompanying this great range of content, is even better music. The best part of the show for many, is a segment called Excuse me – a comedic section for listeners that may need a laugh to uplift their spirits after a long day. You even stand a chance of winning movie tickets daily, along with a host of other competitions available to enter.

Tune into Hit radio on 96.7 every evening to laugh a little with Mithun and his team on Radioactive. View the Radioactive to learn more.

RadioActive uae afternoon drive radio show website

30. Dot Gulf

Catch Dot.Gulf weekdays 6pm – 9pm on the sound-waves keeping you company on your commute back from work in a fun, enjoyable, upbeat manner.

Dot.Gulf’s programming includes a look at what is trending on social media, (photos, videos, hashtags) as well as new features of the current social media sites. They also have a tech segment where they cover the latest in tech news and developments and new digital apps that may be of interest to their listeners. Gulf Lense is a segment in the show that focuses on one of the places in Dubai or the UAE, and calls out to the lovers of photography in general, to engage and share photos taken in this place by sharing them on Instagram.

Tune into this fun, young and lively show on Al Khaleejiya 100.9 and let the team keep you company on your evening commute!

DotGulf uae afternoon drive radio show website

31. Tag Pack Up NA

Don’t let the evening traffic get you down, tune into Tag Pack Up NA and stay entertained on your evening commute with Maria Maldita and Johnny Biryani. Making your way around the UAE during rush hour fun – available every weekday afternoon and evening from 4pm – 9pm.

They bring you everything from trending social media topics, to the latest in entertainment news, celebrity gossip and the best in hit music from the UAE, all with some fun friendly banter in between.

Tune into Tag 91.1 to catch this dynamic duo and enjoy their energy on your sound waves.

tag pack up na uae afternoon drive radio show website

32. Yalla Home

Yalla Home is a show that airs weekdays from 5pm – 8pm on Pulse 95FM.

The show brings you the best in local entertainment and local talents from the region, hosted by the synergistic Big Hass and Ana Schofield who bring you the latest news, lifestyle chats, some fun banter around the trending stories and upbeat tunes to get your evening started.

The show also includes a podcast that the listeners can tune into to catch a host of guest interviews.

Tune into Yalla Home and get your evening off to a great start.

yalla home uae afternoon drive radio show website

Top News and Talk Shows in the UAE

Talk radio is a radio format for those that wish to stay informed! Listen to discussions about topical issues such as politics, the economy, sport, as well as local and international subjects that matter right now.

Talk shows generally consist entirely of spoken word content rather than charting music, and listeners are encouraged to call in and participate in the discussion on social media.

Here are our picks for the most popular talk shows on radio in the UAE:

33. The Agenda with Tom Urquhart

Tune into the UAE’s only interactive, topic-based, call-in radio show, where you get a chance to engage in an agenda set by you as the audience – hosted by Tom Urquhart on Dubai Eye 103.8 during the week.

Debate on the topics that you love or topics that you hate, with Tom Urquhart live on air. Tom is a firm favourite in the media circuit of Dubai and has featured a number of times on the UAE’s most influential Brit lists and has been with Dubai Eye 103.8 since its inception.

To find out more about his show, visit Dubai Eye.

Agenda with Tom Urquhart uae news and talk radio show website

34. Lilana

Lilana, comes to your airwaves weekdays from 7p- 9 PM on Arabiya 99.

It’s an evening forum that covers a variety of stories, news, studies, with female-male anecdotes, in a pleasing manner that is not without controversy – she’s not afraid of complex topics and difficult issues. 

Enjoy thought-provoking discussions, and opportunities to add your own opinion to the conversation and have Lilana chat about it on air! Visit Arabiya 99FM to learn more.

Lilana uae news and talk radio show website

35. What Is In It

Noor Dubai brings you a diverse social program that deals with varied and purposeful topics at both social and local levels.

Presented by Ahmed Al Ketbi and Salama Al Suwaidi, these hosts welcome receiving listeners’ contributions and text messages to discuss social issues.

Catch this show via Atheer Radio Noor Dubai from Sunday to Thursday at 2 pm UAE time. Visit What Is In It to see more.

What is in it uae news and talk radio show website

36. Sky News Arabia

All day coverage of breaking news, from the Arab world and other parts of the world, tune in to Sky News Arabia for around-the-clock coverage of current affairs, sports, politics, and more.

With expert journalism and great radio hosts whose primary objective is to deliver the news to their listeners as soon as it happens, making sure they never miss out any important stories.

Tune in to SkyNews Arabia 90.3FM to keep up to date with the latest news from the region.

sky news arabia uae news and talk radio show website

The Best Radio Sports Shows in the UAE

This chapter is dedicated to sports lovers with radio shows entirely devoted to discussing sports and broadcasting live matches, with extensive debates, up-to-the-second game analysis, and sometimes fun predictions for this weekend’s games.

Listeners are encouraged to get in touch by calling in, or join in on up to the minute discussions on social media about their favourite teams and coaches.

Get up to date info and analysis from radio sports shows in the UAE:

37. The HalfTime Show

Tune in to the Halftime Show on Pulse95 Radio every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 3-4pm to enjoy a variety of sports content.

Find out about what’s behind all the latest headlines from the world of sports, including match analysis, fixture updates, team analysis, league and knockout competition, as well as topics centered around health, nutrition, and the lifestyle of a sportsman.

If you’re an avid sports fanatic then this is the show for you!

Learn more by visiting Halftime Show.

the halftime show uae sports radio show website

38. Sports Time

Sports Time is an interactive youth program that airs on Dubai Radio every Friday and Saturday from 7-8pm, on Dubai Radio FM.

The show focuses on covering all the sports highlights and news from the world of sports, from new soccer player sign ups and transfers, to new managers of popular soccer clubs and updates on your favourite league or tournament. Make sure you don’t miss out on the action!

Click the button below to tune into Sports Time on Dubai Radio FM.

sports time sports radio show website

40. Simply Social

Whether it’s online, on-field or on-air, the show caters to UAE’s go-getter expats. If you want to be on top of what’s trending in the UAE, world of sports, Facebook, Twitter or movies, then this is your go-to show!

Visit Simply Social to find out more.

simply social sports time sports radio show website

Top Call-in Request Shows in the UAE

Shows that give the people what they want!

In an effort to be interactive with the audience, radio shows open up the call lines, SMS lines, and in recent times, their social media accounts to get their listeners to get in touch and request tracks that they would like to listen to and attach messages to loved ones.

Check out our list of call-in request shows in the UAE:

41. Hit On Request

Hit on Request’s aim is in the title – the top hits played for listeners by request, on ARN’s 96.7 on weeknights, from 9pm.

Once the kids are sound asleep in bed, take some personal time to enjoy great music and call into your favourite hit show with RJ Dona and let her make your wish her command as she plays all your song requests.

Let Hit on Request keep you company as you plan for the day ahead or whether you’re commuting and need some upbeat music to keep you going!

Send in your requests, and enjoy great music every weekday on ARN’s Hit 96.7.

Hit on request uae call in radio show website

42. Bajau Kya with Tarun

Your host Tarun, known as the heartthrob of Dubai, from his time in the modelling and television industry, tapped into his passion for radio leading him to become a radio presenter with a love for poetry and movies! Bajua Kya is on air from 1pm-5pm on weekdays.

Bejau Kya is one of the biggest request-shows in the UAE, as he adds sparkle to and fun to what might be a somewhat dull day. Call in to request your favourite songs while taking in some real, relatable and engaging content and smooth tunes that are perfect for your afternoon.

To listen to Bajua Kya, click the button below.

Bajau Kya with Tarun uae call in radio show website

43. Total Request Line

Let Meera Nandam take your requests every weekday evening from 7pm-10pm on Gold 101.3 FM’s Total Request Line.

After a long day at the office, sometimes all you need is a great tune to uplift your mood. You select the songs you want to hear, whether you are celebrating a special occasion, working late at the office, or just relaxing at home, RJ Meera is there with you, playing anything you want to hear.

To tune into Total Request Line weekday, click the button below.

Total Request Line uae call in radio show website

44. Tag Break NA

Tune into Tag Break NA with Louie De Costa weekdays 2pm – 4pm as she lets you take over the show with requests of your favourite tracks.

Louie De Costa has been nominated twice for Best Radio DJ (Dubai & UAE), twice for Best Female Radio Presenter (winning the title in 2014), and TFT Media Personality of the year in 2018, but her passion and love for radio is what makes her happy, and her mom life brings a unique spark to the show with her nuggets of wisdom and advice to her listeners in between serving the great tunes on request.

Tag Break will dust away any afternoon cobwebs after a heavy lunch, with upbeat jams to get you through the afternoon as you complete your tasks, or start your commute home.

Visit Tag Break NA to learn more.

Tag Break NA uae call in radio show website

45. Most Wanted

Radio 4 brings you the UAE’s biggest live request show with your trusted host RJ Abhijeet, every weekday.

This show is full of energy, awesome giveaways, segments such as Survey Sundays, Musical Mondays, Topical Tuesdays, Weird Wednesdays and Thumping Thursday; all designed to keep you entertained with the music you want to hear.

Join the musical conversation on Most Wanted today. Tune in and request your favourite song to be played live by Abhijeet!

Most Wanted uae call in radio show website

Top Arts & Culture Radio Shows in the UAE

Make sure you check out these radio shows to stay informed about everything happening in the performance space, and enjoy discussions surrounding arts, culture, philosophy, religion and even poetry.

Find our top picks of arts and culture radio shows in the UAE. Check them out below!

46. His Purpose

Dubai Radio brings you a show with a complimentary duo of hosts, Mahra Abdullah and Fatimah Abdul Rahman, every day.

His Purpose is a show that has been running for seven years, and has brought its listeners engaging content in the forms of puzzles, questions and skilful challenges, encouraging its listeners to contribute to the show and challenge their thinking in a different kind of way.

Join this dynamic team as they discuss important topics and engage their audience on Dubai Radio. Visit His Purpose to learn more.

His Purpose uae arts and culture radio show website

47. Wind Wipes

Wind Wipes is a program with various cultural elements to it.

It is targeted at an adult audience that enjoys content that challenges conventional thinking, and encourages listeners to engage and discuss various topics, be it philosophy, poetry, music, books and even myths!

Listeners can tune into this show on Dubai FM Radio. Click the button below to find out more about this show.

wind pipe uae arts and culture radio show website

48. The Future Talk

The name says it all! Future Talk is a radio show that airs on Pulse 95 radio, weekdays from 2pm- 3pm.

The show takes a look at everything to do with robotics, technology, artificial intelligence and the power and future of the internet. The show helps its listeners adapt and navigate their way around these advancements and be better prepared for an inevitably tech-driven future.

Tune into The Future Talk to know everything there is to know about tech advancements in the UAE and abroad.

future talk uae arts and culture radio show website

49. Bollywood Adda

Every Wednesday 2PM-5PM, RK Faizan brings you everything there is to know about the latest films coming out of Bollywood, on Radio 4FM.

Faizan keeps you entertained with interviews from stars to composers, singers to writers as they make their mark on the Bollywood scene; he also keeps you updated with latest blockbusters that have just been released. Perfect for getting inside information on what you can go and watch with friends this weekend!

Keep up to date with your favourite Bollywood stars with Bollywood Adda by tuning in every Wednesday.

bollywood adda uae arts and culture radio show website

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We hope that you enjoyed our list of 49 of the Best Radio Shows in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – we also have other radio resources. If you’d like to learn more about radio advertising, check out our Ultimate Guide to Radio Advertising and 8 Steps to Writing an Effective Radio Ad Script.

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