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Who is the audience of Virgin Radio Dubai and what do they listen to?

The Power of Radio

Have you ever found yourself humming a jingle you heard on the radio? That’s the power of radio advertising at work. Since its inception, radio as a means of advertising, has procured an impressive track record of success.

These days, people spend more time glued to their smart devices, yet radio is still a dominant force in the world of advertising. With the ability to reach a variety of markets on one platform, you would be amiss not to have your brand mentioned on the airwaves. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on Virgin Radio Dubai. Let’s take a closer look.

Virgin Radio Music Station

Virgin Radio Dubai 104.4FM Audience
Virgin Radio Dubai 104.4 is the UAE’s number one English radio station, reaching an average of 1 308 000 listeners every week.
With the freshest and largest variety of hit music broadcasting 24/7, it’s easy to see why Virgin Radio Dubai is the people’s choice in the UAE. The station predominantly appeals to an audience of vibrant millennials of all nationalities residing across the UAE. This makes Virgin Radio Dubai the go-to advertising space for brands and businesses of every shape and size.

Millennials are born between the years 1981-1996 and average on the ages of 22-37 years old. ThinkwithGoogle did extensive research on Millenials residing in the UAE. Here are a few key points to keep in mind when advertising to the Millennial audience in the UAE:

  • There are 3.4 million millennials in the UAE alone.
  • 44% of them are married, and 72% of them have children.
  • Millennials have more spending power than any other generation
  • 2018 saw the global millennial spending power averaging out at $2.5 trillion

As a brand, you need to use content and content mechanisms which they enjoy. Virgin Radio Dubai proves to do this with their wide range of shows as seen below.

Virgin Radio Dubai’s popular shows
That said, the station appeals to their target audience on every level with listeners tuning in to popular shows such as…

  • The award winning Kris Fade Show from 6-10am, which has scooped up awards and public acclaim for exclusive celebrity appearances, contests and amazing prizes.
  • On Air With Ryan Seacrest, broadcast daily from the E! Studios in Hollywood from 1-3pm.
  • The Feed with Brent Black, bringing you the latest hit music and entertainment news around the world from 3pm.
  • The 20:20 HitList with Maz and James, which lets listeners request the songs they want to hear.

No other radio station boasts such a strong line-up of music and in-demand presenters in the UAE. With so many great shows around the clock, Virgin Radio Dubai has cemented its place on the airwaves as one of the most entertaining and fun radio stations in the region.
While Virgin Radio Dubai does have a strong global influence, it also keeps the local audience in mind by giving listeners an insight into the hottest things to do around the UAE.

Advertising On Virgin Radio Dubai
Brands who want to advertise on Virgin Radio Dubai are guaranteed to reach a vibrant audience who are able to actively seek out the products or services they hear about on the radio. There are various types of radio advertising options for brands to choose from such as live reads, sponsorships, produced spots and classic pre-recorded commercials. It all depends on your brand and the type of message you want to convey. With the sheer size and purchasing power of the millennial generation in the UAE, it would be a disservice to not market your business to this generation.
Empire is an industry leader in the advertising and media space. At Empire, we work actively across the UAE and further abroad, and are well-versed in every aspect of advertising. If you’re interested in having your brand on Virgin Radio Dubai, contact us and we’ll get you noticed by the right audience.