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A relationship with an independent agency needs work. As the client you might sometimes feel as though you’re not getting the agency’s best work and are wasting your money. Meanwhile the agency becomes frustrated with what they feel might be uncertainty from your end.
In most cases, this type of miscommunication stems from one source: The brief.

Why a brief is important

The creative brief is a tremendously important document that should clearly communicate a campaign’s outcomes, as well as giving the agency more background on your brand so they are able to accurately represent it. If the backstory isn’t given, agencies are more likely to miss the mark with their creative efforts because the brief didn’t provide enough guidance or directed them the wrong way.

Working with Independent Agencies1Here are a few tips to making sure your brief is well understood

Write it yourself

Most agencies will send you a briefing template. Rather than trying to fit your vision into a few lines, rather write it out yourself! The template is sent as a guide but it isn’t a necessity. If you can get your message across in a better way, then simply type out your own document.

Break it up

Think about your brief in two distinct parts. The first is a macro view of your business and target audience and will probably be the same for all of your creative briefs – saving you valuable time in future. The second part is an ever-changing micro view that focuses on the specific campaign you’re discussing and should include goals, direction, references and must-haves.

What’s your main idea?

When a consumer experiences your new campaign, what is the one thing you want them to take away? This single convincing idea is the most critical part of your brief – 80% of your brief creation time should be focused on it. But you don’t want your agency to just come back with it as a tagline. It should act as more of a starting point for their creative process.

What’s your goal?

What are you looking for from the agency? Do you want fresh creative insights and inspiration or just new strategies and tactics for your existing messaging?

Don’t write a brief

If you don’t feel comfortable writing out your brief, that’s not a worry. Simply set up a time to chat to your agency account manager, then the agency will write the brief and send it back to you to ensure you’re both on the same page.

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