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About is the most visited news website in the UAE, attracting a wide range of dynamic, cosmopolitan and influential audiences with high purchasing power. The Gulf News online audience has a keen interest in content around lifestyle, entertainment & breaking news. is the number 1 English-speaking newspaper in the UAE.

We believe that the digital world is an omnipresent channel in modern communication. By utilizing digital advertising in a holistic approach to advertising, you are maximising your chances to create meaningful impact and top of mind awareness. With years of industry experience, our team at Empire is ready to help you reach your target audiences where they are; online!

Speaking of audiences, let us have a closer look at the types of audiences that one can expect to find on Audience

Advertising on is a great way to get your brand noticed by your primary target audience as well as attract new clients. The types of audiences that visit include:

  1. Affluent Generation X aged 35- 50 who spend on average 3-4 mins per visit on the site looking as business, travel and opinion pages. If your brand targets this particular market, you should definitely include in your marketing mix for guaranteed reach.
  2. Ambitious Millennials aged 25-34 who spend about 3-4 on mobile site searching for bars and restaurants and awesome weekend deals. Businesses in the restaurant and hospitality industry, as well as the tech industry, would garner great results from advertising on as this audience type is generally trend-focused and always on the bargain hunt.
  3. Loyal and Elusive audience who visit 8-16 times a week directly, using in their browser. This is a consistent audience that you can build strong brand relationships with on a safe platform.

Why be seen on

The detailed and targeted audiences across the Gulf News website, guarantees reaching your target market in segmented, and specific formats best suited to each persona. Some examples of the formats include standard and rich banners, sponsored content, mobile app advertising and even through Alexa and push notifications. The option to further amplify your impact is available through their multi-platforms, all of which have a great following.

At Empire, we are well versed in understanding the various methods, and which would suit your campaign best.

The social media pages allow for quick and easy sharing of content which will result in more people seeing the shared content; below are the number of fans you could possibly reach:

  • Facebook – over 3 million fans
  • Youtube – over 235 thousand subscribers
  • Instagram – over 207 thousand followers
  • Twitter – over 932 thousand followers
  • LinkedIn – over 72 thousand followers

If you would like to discuss your digital options, Empire can advise you on how to garner the best results for your brand on various platforms, contact us today!